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Day 1: left SG at 8am and arrived at our hotel in Vang Viang, Laos at 6pm!

Transit in BKK for an hour, then the ride from Vientiane to VV is about 4 hours via car which means that we spent the entire day travelling.

Anyway, did my lashes at privateroom before my trip to Laos!

Airplane selfie!

#laos #vangvieng #dayretravel

I have no expectations of Laos at all but the view outside our hotel room's balcony is really nice!

That's the Mekong river.

Day 2:

My outfit for a full day of activities!

USD 35 for kayaking (πŸ˜’ almost died from this...), tubing, lunch, zip line and waterfall!

It's really cheap.

The crew.

6x of us!

All smiles before the accident happened, featuring the life jacket that saved my life! Pftttttttt.

Moments after this picture was taken, we almost died!! Our kayak drifted away from the supposed direction and went into a smaller river, but with strong currents! 😭😭😭

We lost sight of our friends and tour team and we were all alone at that river and the current was against us for us to get back on track. The current washed us even further and there's no turning back, and eventually, we capsized because the current was really strong.. 😭😭😭

FYI, I can't freaking swim FFS and the current was so freaking big that even if I knew how to swim, I'd be washed away. #SurvivalSkills needed here man.

Plus, the water was green = dirty. Yuck. I wouldn't have went into the water willingly or touch the water. But when we capsized and I was fully submerged into the water, all that I could think of is, "fuck, gone. We're gna die"

😭😭😭now that I think about it, I think I'm fucking brave. Plus I didn't panic.

Because I knew that if I panicked, JQ would feel worst.

I tried to grab a tree branch to stop letting the current wash me away but it kept breaking and JQ managed to grab one so I held onto his hands with all my life but I couldn't hold on any longer because I have no strength so JQ told me to let go and move forward to grab a bigger branch, which I managed to grab.

Imagine I miss that branch.. G_G
Hai..... Sad. I hung onto the branch w all my life + the stupid current washing against us.

I kept telling myself, cannot let go. Let go = die.

JQ was holding onto the boat & one paddle because we definitely need that to survive. We couldn't turn the capsized boat around... But we need it to have a chance to get out of that place when the current stops being so strong!

We let go of one paddle because we don't have the strength to hold onto 2... And JQ told me.

"I can't hold on for long..." Imagine him, 1 hand holding the tree branch, the other onto the boat.

Tough! I was like "siao liao lah. No boat = we r gna be stranded here hugging on the branch." in my mind. 😭

But nvm, life is more impt than anything else.

We have our belongings (money, passport, phones) tied to the boat btw. If he let go... Really very Cham!

THEN, I saw our freaking guide's head popped out of the fucking water.

What a god damn relieve. He came back to find us. He swam back and saved us. 😭

Because he was the only one who saw us drift away from the team.

I'm fuckigg thankful that we didn't die or we didn't get major injuries. I have a few scratches on my body and JQ has more. 😭😭😭😭

The tour guide then overturned our boat, helped us back onto the boat and paddled us to the nearest shore and left us there while he go and search for our missing paddle.

They damn zai, they can paddle/swim against the currents. True blue #RiverBoy.

But he couldn't find the paddle.

Hai. So we proceeded to our next location... Zip line x tubing, which I didn't try because I was freaked out by the kayak incident. Just very turned off and want to go home. 😭

Anyway, our lunch was quite awesome.

Banana leaf fried rice x some funny stuff,

JQ ziplining.

Me, just sitting around, recovering from my trauma.

After all the kayak, tubing and zipline, we went to another place via tuktuk to get to the waterfall.

I didn't wanted to kayak there because #nah.

It was an adventure of the lifetime and an experience money can't buy but, kayaking is banned for me.

Never doing it again thanks!

The waterfall was pretty awesome.

We are going to another nicer one tomorrow. Not looking forward to the trekking.

So thankful to be back at the hotel.

Had cottage pie for dinner at a nearby restaurant bar. This is only $6 and it's awesome.

Oh ya, we had to pay about $40 for the paddle we let go of.

BUT, our savior managed to find it before the end of the day. When we went on with our other activities, he went back to that stupid river to find and he managed to find it, but it was broken.

Now, my arms are aching worst than hell from all the branch grabbing. Sian.

Day 198

Saturday, 16 Jul 2016

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Daintyotter (avatar)

Daintyotter Omg stay safe!!! πŸ™πŸ» thank god ur bf held onto the boat😰

2 years ago

fussyahh (avatar)

fussyahh that was so dangerous! But all is well now! Have a good rest!

2 years ago

sherlynler (avatar)

sherlynler Aiyo so scary!!!! luckily you are safe and sound!!!

2 years ago

FlyMeToPolaris (avatar)

FlyMeToPolaris strong willpower and perseverance! thank God you're safe now! u must have been really traumatised. have a good rest!

2 years ago

yesitsjasmine (avatar)

yesitsjasmine Glad that all is well right now βœ¨πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

2 years ago

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