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So, I've just been notified that I've entered the 10th month which means he's all ready to pop anytime from next week onwards.


Although I'm a first time mommy and I don't have previous pregnancies to compare to, but I know for a fact that he has been a rather easy baby to carry. Other than morning sickness for the first trimester like most of the other pregnant mommies, he has never given me any other issues or discomfort like cramps, contractions, spottings etc. He is also not fussy with food (thank goodness) which made my hub's life super easy.

My friends have told me their stories about the extent they had to go to satisfy their cravings or that the baby suddenly dislike the one thing mommies used to like a lot or vice versa. Haha. Wouldn't it be interesting to experience the latter? Like how much I detest frozen green peas but because of pregnancy I can eat a bowl of it. Wonder how that'll feel like. Not my time to experience that though cos the thought of green peas right now... 🤮 haha!

But anyway, that being said, I am very blessed that this little one kept me quite sane the whole time too. There was no uncalled for depression that I can recall nor were there episodes of me flying into unnecessary rage throughout these couple of months. I do wish though that the beginning (esp second trimester) would last a little longer because that was when I enjoyed his company the most. :')

I think it's true when they say you'll miss the little one in your tummy. I'm feeling it already.

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Day 243

Friday, 31 Aug 2018

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theblacktofu (avatar)

theblacktofu Congrats!!♥️♥️

7 months ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo Thank you babe @theblacktofu ♥️

7 months ago

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