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10:12am 29 Aug 2018

; many days after my previous post stating I will update Dayre especially on my pregnancy. Seriously, MEGA FAIL. 😒

W35 D5 - exactly 30 days away from my EDD and overwhelmed with feelings. How do I even put it into words? Is it anxiety? Or excitement? Maybe even fear with a little bit of impatience? So mind-boggling and at the same time paralysing but also astounding. Can you sense my state of confusion already? #dayremomtobe

3rd trimester has been lengthy, in my opinion. I guess it's largely bcos you pay extra attention to counting down the days or weeks. It is as scary as it sounds. It is.

It also just hit me real hard that life is about to change drastically in a few days/weeks. Things will not be the same again real soon. Late night partying, couple time and even SLEEP. Ok, maybe I'm overreacting but like I said - overwhelming!!!!

Kudos to those already-parents! The #dayremummies! Really.


hello little Zachary. This is the latest 3D of little 🚀 I have in my phone. The most recent at Wk 34 is in hub's phone. The little one has been covering his face everytime Dr Fong tries to 3D him.

Every single time 😤

Anyway, there has been much fuss over attending parental classes and whatnots lately, so much so that i feel judged as a first-time mom because I never intended to or thought of attending any of that sort. My thoughts, really, as a mom that I hope to be, is to create an environment that's right for him, not one that is enforced.

I prefer reading the different methods out there and individualise as opposed to attending one class and then feel obliged to follow through with what the speaker teaches.

What if it doesn't suit my lifestyle or my baby's?


I realised in my draft that I (may have) forgotten to post after writing, that when you become pregnant, suddenly, everyone around you becomes an Encyclopaedia for Pregnancy and Parenting, even when they're not parents themselves.

No, really, it's true. I've heard it all from facts (tyvm) to advices from ancestors to superstitions. By far, superstitions are the MOST entertaining.

You pregnant cannot eat įžŠč‚‰ (lamb), cos later baby will have įžŠį™Ģį–¯ (epilepsy)...

How's that for entertaining?

Everyone has their opinions and I respect that. Bcos if you think about it, that's how we learn. We learn from listening, we learn from understanding. But really? Superstition is just.... I cannot. Your basis come from where sia? Lol. But I love you still for entertaining me la.

Anyway I actually told this friend of mine not to tell me anymore 'pan tang' things that she heard from her mom or that she's following just because old people said so (she's also pregnant by the way), and she's cool.

We're cool. No hard feelings one 😌

Speaking of which, after I found out I was pregnant in Jan, many of the people around me got pregnant subsequently too.

Is it I got special fertility powers? Maybe if y'all want to get pregnant can come touch my belly then, boomz, you'll be pregnant too! #superstitionatitsbest #sarcasmtoo #oops haha!

And to end of this post.....

Anyone else experienced awkward belly touches from people you're not very close with?


Whenever this happens, I cringe. Like mad.

I've even met parents asking their kiddos to come touch my belly. What am I now? A zoo exhibit?

I'm not a very come-into-my-space kind of person to begin with la to be honest. My comfort zone with people I'm not close to is like one arm's length away, minimally. So to have these people pass that zone and then touch me drives me crazy!

Why got people like that one?


#pregnancywoes #dayrepregnancy


Day 241

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018

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leggopreggo (avatar)

leggopreggo Omg hate it when ppl touch my belly!!!!!!!

7 months ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @leggopreggo hahaha I know right!! Some people really don't know how to respect personal space zzzz

7 months ago

kewpie (avatar)

kewpie my hub say no to mutton cuz his surname is 杨 lol. cannot eat starfruit also. haaaa

7 months ago

lindaphne (avatar)

lindaphne Ya!!! Omg! I hate people suddenly reaching out to my tummy! Rude shock! 😡

7 months ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @kewpie hahaha omg this one so cute 😂😂 but why starfruit cannot?

7 months ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @lindaphne ikr!! and when u wanna siam u don't know if u should cos like rude 😂😂

7 months ago

kewpie (avatar)

kewpie cuz starfruit chi name is æ¨æĄƒ... -.-

7 months ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @kewpie Hahahah win liao!

7 months ago

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