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00:44 ; 5 Sept 2018

Tonight is the first time ever I gave any thought about our foreign workers and how they live in Singapore. I've heard so much about how humble and self-effacing they are - in trains, they dare not sit even on the normal seats because they feel we are more deserving of them. Or with their already meager packet rice, which sometimes need to last them the whole day, but they are still willing to part a little to share it with the strays.

Once, I was driving down the link bridge between Yishun and Punggol when I encountered a flat tire just a little up from where the Punggol dorms are located. I had no choice but to pull over cos my tire was completely flat out and if I were to go any further my rims will burn. I was with a girlfriend and we both had zero experience dealing with something like that. And also it was already dark, prolly around 8 or so. We didn't know what to do.

I happened to then look back and saw a police car driving towards us. We were elated thinking "ζ•‘ζ˜Ÿζ₯δΊ†". The police car pulled over behind mine and 10 seconds later (or maybe lesser) it drove off.


😭 They didn't even bother coming out of the car to ask if we were okay. I mean two girls, a punctured tire, wulu place = danger. No?


I know there's always a spare tire in the trunk but how the hell do we change a freaking tire? Lol. Then a group of foreign workers, who were on their way back to their dorms, stopped and asked if we were okay and offered to help change the tire. Of course I welcomed the help with open arms! Haha.

Took them awhile to get the tire changed cos they had arguments in between about who's right or wrong about something. It was quite funny actually. Lol. I can still remember that sweet feeling I felt especially after being dumped by the people whose salaries are paid for by the taxes you pay! 😀😀

They were so happy just to be able to help and were not expecting anything in return. Of course out of appreciation I gave them a small token and my girlfriend gave them her cigarettes haha!

So why did I start talking or even start thinking about these foreign workers?

Because I just heard from the hubs about how most of them are forced by their agents to pay hefty amounts before coming to Singapore to work. They all end up borrowing money with ridiculously high monthly interest rates which will take them forever to pay off. If you're lucky, whatever that was promised to you by your agents will be provided for you here, but for most parts, those are only empty promises.

It's really really heartbreaking to learn that people are taking advantage of another's vulnerability and trust so blatantly. Sigh.

The hubs' company hired a foreign worker recently and they got to find out from him all that I've mentioned in details. To know that those hearsay are actually facts break my heart even more. But what is there we can do for them? Is there anything even?


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Wednesday, 5 Sep 2018

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