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Hola, mis amigos!

G'morning, folks!

I cannot, for the life of me, believe I stopped Dayre for almost 2 years.

Now, that's a little embarrassing.

In all honesty, soon after posting my last post, I deleted the platform. I guess, at that time, I thought blogging was taking up too much time and it's not like I'm an influencer and my life depends on it, hence, heartlessly removed. Besides, I was still on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook what, so if anything I can still update there right?


Little did I realise how wrong this self-validation was because I was blinded by all other factors that I forgot why I blogged in the first place. It was never about whether my life depended on it or if anyone was even reading it.

You must be asking now, "you blog very long meh?"

Ok la, obviously not this one. But if I wanted to put a date to when it all started, it must have been in the 2000s.

The hot platforms then were Blogspot, Livejournal. Pretty sure there were a few more but I was an avid blogger on Blogspot and I stuck to it. The hours spent on just trying to 'zeng' the blog page would have made me an A*star student if I spent it on textbooks. 😅 This is why people always say "spend your time wisely because you'll never get it back!" I'll also never be an A*star student ever! 😭😭😭


I obviously didn't bother about what people said because blogging continued and continued. I wasn't very loyal to my first site, of course, especially when Tumblr came about. Tumblr was seriously one cool platform. I mean, it still is I think, but now that I also deleted it (🙊) I can't really be sure anymore.

Dayre leh! I wanna see your progress.

I was on WhatsApp with two of my childhood besties talking about the "progress" and one of them suddenly reminded me of Dayre's existence. As soon as she sent that sentence, I was quick to brush her off "Lol I deleted the app already. Nothing to talk about anymore leh!" But I also did say I will consider re-downloading, and so last night, I did.

I scrolled back on my previous posts, not many, and it all came back to me why I wrote in the first place.

Because it's therapeutic. It really is.

So I decided to start again. I've also heard of the whole Dayre-is-closing-down-but-some-Dayrians-are-trying-to-save-it saga. I sure hope y'all succeed but if it does close down, I'll just look for another because the only reason I blog is to de-stress, to rant, to remember, to relive.

So hi, I'm back! For as long as Dayre lasts or until I find another platform to hop to! Whichever comes first.


Progress? What progress?

This is the progress @Wanderwoman was talking about.


But before I go on, I need a bit of help here #dayremomtobe...


Which date do you actually follow? Haha! Sorry first time, so xiao noob!

I am so confused. First time I visited the Gynae, he told me I was 3 weeks but I maybe 5. I was like HUH. Then second visit he told me I was 7. Then my last visit I was "10 but maybe 11". So I clarified with the nurse and she said...

Oh now you see your EDD and count backwards. Your EDD will never change! Number of weeks now depends on how big the baby has grown!

Huh? What????

Is it just me? 😭😭😭 I mean I've heard about how pregnant mothers become dumber, but it was never scientifically verified what! Why do I feel like I'm really becoming dumber?

The first 2 sentences actually do make sense ON THEIR OWN, but when the 3rd one came in, the level of confusion just like tripled.

😢 so guys, #dayrepregnancy mommies, or anyone for that matter, please help me on this one!

Many thanks in advance!

Day 73

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018

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starshar (avatar)

starshar Download a pregnancy app; like ovia, the bump, babycenter. U will be asked to put in your edd date, and the app will track ur no of weeks.

1 year ago

starshar (avatar)

starshar Congrats btw!

1 year ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @starshar oooh so I just follow what the number of weeks on the app and it'll be accurate? Thanks so much! 😅😅

1 year ago

starshar (avatar)

starshar Yup, the app does the weeks counting for you and is accurate!

1 year ago

crystaltyx (avatar)

crystaltyx congrats! and welcome back! I've missed your posts 😚

1 year ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii My edd kept changing too, it was brought forward. I think it’s fine cause my friends said the start is like that. Once all stable, the edd will be fixed.

1 year ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @crystaltyx heehee thank you! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

1 year ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo @sshhuuyyii oooo I see! Phew! By the way congratulations!!! 🎉

1 year ago

trixileaxx (avatar)

trixileaxx Congrats Ashley, so happy for you!!

1 year ago

ashhleyfoo (avatar)

ashhleyfoo Heehee thank you @trixileaxx 🙆🏻‍♀️

1 year ago

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