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September 2018

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00:44 ; 5 Sept 2018

Tonight is the first time ever I gave any thought about our foreign workers and how they live in Singapore. I've heard so much about how humble and self-effacing they are - in trains, they dare not sit even on the normal seats because they feel we are more deserving of them. Or with their already meager packet rice, which sometimes need to last them the whole day, but they are still willing to part a little to share it with the strays.

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W36 D4; had our weekly Gynae visit yesterday and also had the CTG done. All's well. His weight is at 2816g and would estimately grow to 3.1kg upon birth. I, on the other hand, lost 2kg but really I look too swollen to tell I lost any weight. :(Third trimester feels really very very looooooooong. I know I've said it the previous time and by repeating won't make it any shorter but still.... must rant! Why feels so long one youuuuuu 🤷🏻‍♀️#dayrepregnancy #dayremomtobe

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