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updated 1 month ago

First solo night with bubs 🎀

Hubs left home early morning for ICT and won't be coming home tonight. 🙁 I'll miss him for sure! But it's just 1 night (thankfully!!) And he said he will come home tmr evening.

Alright let's go out baby!

At the library!

Finally got down to making her library card. 📚

Just as we left the library, she started wailing. Thankfully there's a nursing room at the same floor and quickly fed her. Phew.

She fell asleep after and I could walk around the mall for a bit before going home. And she slept all the way through! 💪🏻 Small wins. 😌

Quite a generous goodie bag!

I thought we had to borrow 6 books before we can redeem the bag but the librarian was nice enough to give it to us straight away.

Can't wait for baby girl to be older so I can read to her or better still, we can read together!


Had a random conversation with the hubs yesterday and he raised a legit concern about exposing too much of our lives to people whom I don't know, specifically on Dayre.

I only know a handful of you in real life.

Yet I'm documenting my daily doings and lots of thoughts and opinions here so openly.

He's afraid this may backfire or people will use this against us in the future.

If there is no pros, only cons, then why should I?

Felt quite sad after our discussion because it seems like he's indirectly saying I should stop Dayre-ing?

I get his point actually.

Because through Dayre, I actually feel like I know a person more than I know my friends?

E.g. I know what person X likes to eat, fav hangouts, his/her opinions and characters, where he/she stays, even information about his/her family.

Kinda scary. 😕

But I don't wanna leave this space. Especially after I've learnt and benefitted so much. Even made friends here. 😕

Oh wells let's see.

I'll still continue posting but hubs say don't include our faces going forward. 😅 Ok I'll try!

For a start, change banner and profile pictures!


Yay! Baby girl is finally asleep now. I was afraid she'd wanna see daddy before she sleeps because it has happened twice now. Thankfully she just needs play time + wipe down + final milk feed before she K.O.

Uh idk how to rotate this video. 😅

Tonight I get the whole big king-size bed to myself teeheehee. But yeah I do miss the hubs too. 😘 Be safe at reservist! xx

Day 49

Monday, 18 Feb 2019

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nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars jiayou mama!!

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll Heehee I had such an exciting heart pounding adventure in the library with a baby!!!

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer @nite_stars thanks babe! 💪🏻 hope I'm lucky to get a good night!

@lynnieroll hahaha I didn't dare to go into the library main area! was hovering around the entrance and kids area only. it's like a time bomb 💣

1 month ago

untraceme (avatar)

untraceme I did wonder about the cons of posting on dayre but so far, as long as we exercise discretion about what we post, I don’t see how it can be used against us...

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer @untraceme haha sounds a bit far-fetched but the hubs said if he were to go into politics or he/me become a public figure, then people may start to dig out what I've written and use it against us? but tbh I've already forgotten what I've written in the past, and whether I've divulged too much personal information. 😅 or stalkers could use all the info to hurt/harm/harass us? lol.

1 month ago

TanSH (avatar)

TanSH I think it’s fairly alright if we exercise discretion and not to include in sensitive personal information like full name, nric etc. Dun think anything harmful can come out of it even when we post our pics, frens etc.. just my thoughts..

1 month ago

gerri (avatar)

gerri It's true social media is a scary space. Perhaps you can start by removing references that can point out identity? I know it's tough coz it's nice to share. But who knows what can happen right? Even though we are all just normal people 😅 (I.e. Not celebrities--- yet?)

1 month ago

tianl (avatar)

tianl So good! Which lib did you go!

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer @TanSH ya actually I hardly post sensitive information but I do post some general ones about my neighbourhood and workplace etc. hubs said that makes us vulnerable already. 😣

@gerri hahaha ya the husband wants me to write anonymously. but err I've already posted so much about myself haha. 😆 the irony is that I feel more connected and relatable to those who post openly about themselves - hence revealing their identity. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@tianl Sengkang one at Compass One! haha I cannot find their info counter so I just approached a random librarian and she got someone to assist me straightaway! 👍🏻 their service quite good!

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe u can also set private circles if you want to :)

like *cough* Nov mummies cos plz don't exclude us from little C's life, it's been so helpful to track all our babies developmental milestones together!!

1 month ago

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