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Out & about > Punggol > Sengkang > Dhoby Ghaut 🏃🏻‍♂️

Hello weekend!

I don't need an alarm clock - every morning, some baby will start kicking her legs (she kicks so hard the whole playpen can shake hahaha), and sucking her fists (making chut chut chut sound) to signal she wants to be fed.

Actually she's quite good la.

She doesn't cry and will fall back asleep if I ignore her long enough.


Which I won't, cos #mumguilt

The hubby on the other hand can sleep through everything.

Anyway I just fed, burped and changed diaper and plopped her down on to the bed. Told hubs to look after while I wash the bottles and prep stuff for the day.

Came back to the room to find

2 sleepyheads already back to lalaland.

So fast!?

How I wish I'm not a light sleeper. 😕

How I wish I can fall asleep as easily as them.

Whisk & Paddle

Yay brunch!

Hub's friend drove us here. The one who's going overseas for 2 years. 😨

Hello Ms Grumps.

Sorry to wake you up! Hehe.

My swan latte!

Hub's piccolo latte!

Eggs benny on waffles. 😋

She's getting chubby now and easier to carry! She fell asleep in my arms after feeding and after I passed her to KG, she continued sleeping! 😂


Koala baby!

Really love these drool pads from Taobao, recommended by @/thepacartans 😚 cheap and good!

Need to do a Taobao post soon. I've been doing some shopping hehe.

Walking around while waiting for the hubby to finish his haircut.

Charlotte's down for her nap. Sleeping babies are the best! 😘

Woke up just when we were about to have lunch. Love her cheeks and the default grumpy face.

Oh I recently found my baby photos!

Dis me!! Probably +/- 1 year old?

Hubby said 💯% look like me. Really??! I'm beginning to think she takes after the hubs more hahaha.

She's so happy it's the weekend cos she gets to play with daddy!

I'm so happy too because I get to rest! 😆

Last minute decision to head out. 😆

Baby girl was sleeping so soundly, even through the whole diaper change and putting her in the carrier.

This time hubs is wearing her!

I think we're about the same size cos we don't have the adjust the carrier when we wear her? 😅

I think this is the first time we are going out to town via MRT and babywearing! Woohoo!

Managed to eat dry ban mian with one hand today! Lol. The other hand was hugging on to Charlotte cos she didn't wanna be in the carrier.

Parenthood is full of new challenges every day. 😅

Day 47

Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

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Daisiesfarm01 (avatar)

Daisiesfarm01 what is the tb link to the drool pad?😊

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer @Daisiesfarm01 here you go! 【婴儿背带口水巾吮吸带磨牙巾防咬巾垫双肩纯棉腰凳咬咬巾车扶手巾】https://m.tb.cn/h.3FBHk2b?sm=e985de 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·åˆ¶è¿™æ®µæè¿°ï¿¥SNNPbG9sLs0¥后到👉淘♂寳♀👈

1 month ago

Daisiesfarm01 (avatar)

Daisiesfarm01 thanks so much😇

1 month ago

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