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Cousins catchup /Tarte shape tape concealer /Sum37 cleanser

First weekend of the year, has been great so far!! Started the weekends with a feast at shabu sai.

So satisfying and guilt free, cause we ate so much veggies and almost no carbs 😂😂😂

Always look forward to catching up with this one @eirehcdays!!

Missing all the good times we had in Melbourne, Brisbane and Goldcoast. Our Melbourne trip has to be the craziest and most exciting trip so far!!

Going to Philip Island without a car and nearly having to hitch hike or camp the night out 😂😂😂

You tell me exciting or not?!?

I really should find the time to dayre those memories down.

Popped by Sephora and checked out the highly raved, Shape Tarte concealer.

They weren't joking when they claim that this is a heavy duty concealer. A Tiny bit goes a long long way!!

Consistency is really thick and pigmented. It blends pretty easily as well.

What I don't like though, is the huge doe foot applicator.

Firstly, it wouldn't be a good idea to apply the product directly from the wand.You'll definitely be applying way more product that you need.

Secondly, the consistency of the product is so thick, that you have to push the applicator very gently when you want to cap it back.

Otherwise, the product gets pushed out of the tube and you'll end up, wasting alot of product and a bloody mess.

We both gave the product a try and I must say, it really does cover every trace of our dark eye circles. As advertised, it does look even better on camera as well.

To confirm our doubts, we went back to cotton on, to take another photo with the same lighting 😂😂😂

Siao right?

@eirehcdays took the time to really work the product, while we were at Sephora.

And look at her eyebags, really no signs of puffiness and discolouration!!

I knew I wasn't going to get the concealer, as I had just a bought the highly raved cleau De peau one.

Also, I still have quite abit of my favourite soft matte concealer from Nars 😊

Practicing one of my 2019 resolutions which is to buy only what I need 😂😅

Popped by Ion and what's a trip to ion without going to Sephora? 😂

There was a booth promoting the concealer and I egged my cousin to get the makeup artist to counter check her shade.

And guess who left with a Sephora Paper bag? 😅😂

Cousin left to for a dinner appointment, while I scoot my way to Tangs.

I knew I had to get the Sum37 cleanser after reading @turturann review.

2019, I'm gonna work hard and hopefully my skin will be as good as hers 😍 #2019beautygoals

My purchase and some samples.

Also, picked up a tub of my favourite, Mask of Magnaminty. 3rd tub already and I'm still loving it 😍

Only sian part is the washing off 😂

As for the cleanser, it's my 2nd day using it and I really like it alot!!

Not sure if it's just the cleanser or usage of both the cleanser and the mask, that helped this stubborn spot on my chin to dry out.

Woke up this morning and found it more or less flattened 😊

#dayrebeauty #dayrefatties

Sunday, saw me completing all the house chores and dinner at the bf's 😍

His godma cooked,my favourite stir fried pig's liver with ginger and spring onion!!

Stir fried noodles which had so much liao 😍

Ended the night with a new must watch on Netflix 😉

Hope everyone had a great first weekend of the year!!

Can't wait for this weekend, cause we're scooting off to Penang ✈️

Day 6

Sunday, 6 Jan 2019

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