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updated 3 months ago

Thank you so much for the encouragement dayre mommies!

I feel better now. But the husband probably thinks I’m not. I’m the type who will do alot of googling once something is not right, which leads to more worries cos I tend to link this and that together LOL

åŽļåŽļ有æœŦ难åŋĩįš„įģ. Life goes on. On a bright side this is not the worst, at least not fatal. Positivity comes to me please đŸ’ĒđŸģ

Still my favourite baby 😍

Brought her out to buy toys last night, hoping to reduce her TV time.

Unimpressed baby in her new ball pit!

She is officially addicted to the TV 😞

It wasnt that bad before we moved cos the TV in her previous room and living room couldnt connect to youtube. She fully relied on ipad which was not so bad leh. Now seriously couldnt live without TV. Cry when I switch it off 😒

Can you help me face.

Got her the football too cos I remember she loves kicking the ball. We stop playing for quite some time Idky 😅

Now working towards spending more time with her.. WITHOUT YOUTUBE THAT IT, and bringing her out more often.

She enjoyed and laughed so much while kicking the ball which I was so glad! Still quite normal ma she loves playing with us! 😁

Tried making her call me mama but she find it funny 😅

Swimming with daddy and little aunt!

She loves being in the water so much!

Read abit on how eliminating gluten from diet helps in autism so I switched baby’s milk to Isomil soy milk tonight. She took it well last month during the laosai episode. Today, she vomited all out before she even finished the milk ☚ī¸

She actually loves the taste she finished it quite fast and never reject. Not sure why puke though 😭

Reason for changing also cos of her stool texture. Before her laosai episode I remember she sometimes had constipation, not the very serious one just that she didnt poo everyday.

Her stool was solid that time. Ever since her laosai episode her poo poo frequency becomes normal, as in at least once a day. But texture becomes sticky, sometimes watery.

She is fully formula fed since 3 months ago. Is this normal #dayremummies ?

Presenting you the picky baby who has not been eating for 3 weeks or so! Not eating at all!

She only loves baby corn and lotus root. That’s all đŸ¤ĻđŸģ‍♀ī¸

Day 25

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

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eveforever (avatar)

eveforever Still my fav (dayre)baby too! 🍀🍀🍀

3 months ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty đŸĨ° always waiting for your post! miss seeing babyL grows on dayre lol. Meet up soon!

3 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @eveforever thank you so much đŸĨ°

3 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @patricialaw cant wait mama Pat 😍

3 months ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty Yes mama!💕 E’s poo also can be sticky or watery. Nowadays don’t poo everyday somemore, longest was 4 days once but dr say it’s ok as long as min. once per week.

3 months ago

alysparkles (avatar)

alysparkles B is on 2 meals a day (sometimes 3) her poop consistency is like peanut butter spread lol. Quite thick kind and typically once a day. She’s also fully on formula (cow’s milk) now.

3 months ago

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