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updated 4 months ago

Long weekend is loved!

Friday night out with the husband and friends!

Saturday with my baby 💕

Hair is long enough to put a hair clip but she didnt like anything on her hair. Keep scratching like got kutu like that 🙄

Brought her out to have tea time! So convenient now that the mall is only 5 minutes drive from home!

Like so engrossed with the phone but actually just trying to avoid the waiter who was disturbing her LOL

Siam la your hand!

Here came the RBF from mommy LOL

Not sure where she learnt to avoid eye contact from stranger 🤣

Little nephew came to visit! 😍

Spot the lonely baby at the back 🤣

If we were to have another baby... havoc LOL

Sunday shopping day!

MIL got her birthday present from the husband!

Got baby’s CNY clothes today in Pavilion! From Mothercare and Sergent Major!

Got two more from Kidscrafter otw from SG!

Pathetic mama here only got 1 new dress today 😞

Hi standing baby!

Can even tilt her head when I blocked her view LOL

She lost so much weight. Dear mommies, is it okay for baby to not eat any solid and just rely on formula? Been a few weeks she totally rejects food! 😭

Day 20

Sunday, 20 Jan 2019

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krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty Mama! I noticed that babyE is not so much into solids now too 😱 he still finishes one bowl of porridge but it will take very long, unlike last time!

4 months ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty The cny romper from mothercare! Wanted to buy for E that day too but unsure of his size 😂

4 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @patricialaw Leah totally rejects leh. Last time didnt into eating but can still finish de 😭 i wanted to buy 12-18m but no more so i just got the 6-12m. She now very small alr so should be no issue LOL but E getting chubbier 😍

4 months ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty Aiyo still rejecting now? 😔 I think E getting longer now lol getting very naughty too omg mama. Very demanding!

4 months ago

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