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Autism baby?

Here I am stuck at the hospital cafeteria.

Baby’s vaccination day. And she gave me a big present. Merlion all over me. Soaking wet is not an overstatement.


She fell asleep on the stroller after milk for less than 5 minutes. I picked her up when she woke up crying murder. Brought her out to jalan and there she vomited SO MUCH on me when I was with her alone.

My right arm, blouse and bra are covered with her puke 😭 even my hair! Now it’s dry and stick and smelly I dont even want to move.

The husband has to go to the nearby mall to get my new clothes cos none of the shops in the hospital sell 🙄 so despo we even asked from the admission.

So here I am. Looking at my cranky sleepy baby but nanny alone has to attend her. Her fav bunny is dirty too, not sure how she’s gonna sleep now 😞

Of everyday the clinic has to be full today. 20 patients ahead us. TWENTY! We usually come around this hour too. Average around 7/8, when lucky even 3/4?

Left the hospital with a heavy heart. PD suspected baby has ASD.

Her symptoms:

1. Avoid eye contacts

We thought this is funny cos she behaves like an adult but apparently not to the doctor. He first caught this cue today when he talked to her, she avoided him. Like what I posted before this she ignored a waiter in the cafe but you could tell she knew someone was there. So not only stranger, even when we talked to her, most of the time she wouldnt want to look at us.

2. Minimal blabbering

She hardly blabbers. Maybe just once every 2/3 weeks. Some babies at her age can even call papa mama but I wasnt alarmed cos different babies have different development. I thought she could be a non vocal baby. Till doctor pointed out, normal to not be able to speak, abnormal to not even cooing.

3. Hand flapping

She flaps so often everyday when she is excited. I thought this is normal for all babies?

4. Tip toe

She enjoys standing, most of the time tip toeing.

All these symptoms appear to be normal to me. I thought I have a shy baby. That’s all.

But after the doctor pointed out, I did some reading on Google. Yes, some symptoms look so familiar.

I never compare her milestones with others, like most dayre babies around her age can crawl/stand well, can recognize stuff, sttn and so vocal.

In fact I didnt expect her to be excel in whatever she does when she grows up, though I may be seen as a kiasu one but really I’m not in the sense. I just want her to be healthy.

Before this on separate occasions, the husband and I did talk about this, like how low the awareness of ASD is in Malaysia but apparently there are a few cases around us, his colleague’s son, my friend’s cousin etc.

Also when I was pregnant I was pushed by an autism young teen in the lift. The mom and helper apologized at us non stop. Even the husband was afraid I will snap cos remember I was pregnant. But no, I know it was ASD, instead I felt sorry for them. So this is not karma okay!

I was alr holding my tears when doctor voiced out his concern. Managed to hold till I was with the husband alone then I broke down. The scene in the lift kept repeating.

I know the diagnosis is not conclusive but all mommies will understand me. Somemore my first baby 😭

Okay, so the PD said it is still too early to conclude that baby has ASD. It’s just that she shows some signs and it’s better to be detected earlier so we can start the therapy earlier.

He referred us to a development PD who specialists in ASD but her appointment has to be made 2/3 years in advance 😞 good news is they might be able to slot us in earlier finger cross seeing baby is still so young 😭

Thank you fellow dayre mummies for the comments 💕 I always know dayre is a platform where I can count on. As of now I just hope that they can get us a slot asap and conclude that baby is free from that shit.

Also appreciate if some mommies can advise if your baby around the same age (9 months) actually does the above too? Especially avoiding eye contact. Thanks alot!

Day 23

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019

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krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty Poor mama! Hope babyL is fine!

3 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @patricialaw thanks mama! 💕

3 months ago

yellowbunny (avatar)

yellowbunny I think she’s too young to be diagnosed! Diagnosis for autism is usually after 2yo. She’s barely even 1yo!

3 months ago

alysparkles (avatar)

alysparkles You might want to seek a second opinion on ASD. It could be a mild case where certain therapy would help. My nephew is diagnosed with mild ASD and going through therapy session now.. and one thing the parents was advised is to minimize tv time to encourage more social interaction. And I feel flapping of hands and tip toeing really quite common for babies leh. Sending you 💕💕

3 months ago

sunshinedaily (avatar)

sunshinedaily i think it’s too early to diagnose for sure.
she’s not even walking yet? more is she 1!
i would say seek a second opinion !
don’t let the doc scare you.
i asked my pd before, he say it’s too early to diagnose any behavior before 3.

3 months ago

sunshinedaily (avatar)

sunshinedaily for that matter, my BIL didn’t speak till 4, n now i think my MIL hopes he’ll keep quiet sometimes 😊 @arianakl sending you love ❣️

3 months ago

wishywashi (avatar)

wishywashi She’s so young! Chin up maybe she’s just a lil developmentally slow. My child tip toes a lot also and is super unfriendly to strangers etc. maybe they are just shy etc. she’s still your perfect lil girl. Chin up 💕

3 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @yellowbunny @alysparkles @sunshinedaily @wishywashi thank you for all your kind words mommies! Really appreciate it 💕

3 months ago

sleepyprincess (avatar)

sleepyprincess 💪 my SIL has 2 ASD teenage sons. It’s not easy but I can say early intervention did help. Sending you my 💖 hope baby Leah is all good.

3 months ago

semicharmed (avatar)

semicharmed God bless your baby. Stay strong 💪🏻

3 months ago

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