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Hello! Back with more rants! I mean updates LOL

On house renovation.

Sort of finalised everything except for baby’s room. Requested them to redo everything cos what they gave us previously was a total crap. True enough the ladyboss admitted her fresh staff did the design 😞

Tentatively decided to move out by next weekends. To MIL’s instead of the brother’s house next door that we initially planned.

After weighing the pros and cons that is. When the husband first suggested I was like hell no! Main reason being my office is around 40km away from her house! 😭

So what changed my mind or rather what triggered the husband to come out with this idea? The SIL who just gave birth called the husband one fine afternoon, to ask how are we gonna split the helpers’ work after her CL leaves, one week later... more of like how are we gonna help her with the kidS LOL

Dont wanna touch so much on that cos I will never know who is reading this space.

Long story cut short, we have come into a conclusion that we will take care of our own household now. Not that I’m being mean ah, when I needed help none helped me, instead creating more issues. And if you are wondering, I wasnt the one suggesting this. The husband did, and MIL too, even before the husband asked for her advice.

So yes, I hope I can stay away from all this selfishness from now on! All I can say is please take family planning seriously. Else not only people around you suffer, most importantly your kids!

On baby’s food πŸ₯¦

From showing no interest in food before this, now this girl has developed to total loss of appetite 😭 or rather full rejection on spoon feeding.

I have tried whatever ways I can think of to make her eat:

βœ… add ikan bilis powder in her porridge
βœ… BLW
βœ… food served without blending
βœ… use dentinox teething gel
βœ… served diluted instant oat
βœ… served steam soup

Gave her broccoli and cherries. Suaku baby feeling awkward touching the food texture.

It took her like 15 minutes before she decided to put the food in her mouth okay!

BLW was not a total success cos she will drop most of the food given, and demanded to be out of the high chair.

Tried feeding her steam codfish with my hand. She had like one tablespoon only and that’s it. Don’t really like this idea cos not very hygienic leh but she really hates spoon ttm now she siam before the spoon reaches her mouth la! 😭

θ‹¦δΈ­δ½œδΉ and made a racist remark to the family. She is indeed a malay leh, prefer to eat with hand πŸ˜…

Chicken soup served in bottle anyone?

And also her straw cup. Whichever that makes her eat/drink. But not before much wrestling ☹️

I was so depressed during the first few days. No joke I felt like crying seeing how she struggled to eat. More of like feeling upset cos I cant tell what went wrong. Is it because the food is not nice? Or she is not feeling well? Or is her gum painful cos of teething?

Decided not to force her to eat now to make both of us happy. I wouldnt like people forcing me to eat also so I shouldn’t do that to her. I’m actually glad that she still drinks well. So this phase please be gone soon!

On baby’s development

At 8m22d today, she still cant crawl. She can only slide forward/backward or push herself up in push up position.

Like this πŸ‘†πŸ»

I would like to think that this is because she actually spends very minimal time on the mat. She prefers to sit, or stand after her legs were strong enough to support her, with assistance of course. Proven when she stood half the journey from KL-JB πŸ˜…

But I believe practice makes perfect.

This was taken on 1/1/19.

When I randomly hung out with her at the side of our bed. At this point of time I still need to hold her.

And she enjoyed staying this way. Since young didnt enjoy laying down IDK why!

On 6/1/19, she learnt to slide down the bed! Managed to support herself standing too but still toppled most of the time.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ½: it’s okay to fall. Can just relax and suck finger like in kopitiam with mommy.

On 9/1/19, managed to support herself very well with minimal falling!

On 10/1/19, she suddenly chut stunt to let go of one hand! And that’s my makeshift protection with my pillows LOL

Can pose somemore!

And flash her merries πŸ™ˆ

Stretching abit when tired!

Can even put her hands up when I slightly supported her with one arm πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Raving with DJ Cocomelon! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

On 11/1/19, she fell on the ‘protection’ to realise there was some treasure aka remote controls behind there.

Dig from front cannot reach know how to go from the side somemore, but cant take her eyes off TV πŸ˜’

Same day at night she became more adventurous trying to let go both hands!

Caught her falling so funny LOL




4 woah know how to support herself with one hand πŸ‘πŸ»

And landed perfectly.. with eyes still glued on the TV

Never offer to help her up and she couldnt get up on her own.

So she just chill there LOL

And she stepped on me when I joined her 😑

Can kiao ka on her milk factory months ago somemore kns really think she is the boss

Bushuang I say her so she gave me a kick 😭

The same night, she evolved to trying to let go both hands. No photo cos I had to be ready to pick her if she fell. Not sure if she is really that smart she only did it at the corner I set up, when I brought her to popo in her room she refused to do it!

On 12/1/19, when daddy was around, we recorded this. Trying to let go another hand.

Almost there. Bum bum still being supported though LOL

Pretty sure she can do better if I switched off the TV LOL

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty BabyL ni hen pannai! Pat yiyi really enjoy seeing you slide down and landed perfectly 😍 aiyo big baby!
Don’t be upset mamaL, hope this food rejection phrase to be over soon. Yess, at least she’s drinking well since milk is supposed to be their main source of nutrition! You did a good job trying already ☺️! Jiayou!

4 months ago

arianakl (avatar)

arianakl @patricialaw thank you mama! Yes yes cant wait till she can eat well again! 😭

4 months ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty πŸ’•πŸ’• Hehe it will be.. very soon! hang in there mama ☺️

4 months ago

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