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but it was you, so i was with it.

December 2017

Updates!Reading my previous update has shown me how much i've grown during these few months, was feeling kinda down because of this nagging feeling that i'm not capable.But! Thinking about how much i've grown since then... really is, an eye opener.I will continue to improve everyday, i will continue to be better than yesterday as long as i try.After all, there are still people who believe in my abilities. Thank you guys 😢💕

August 2017

Hit with the hard truth today. Need to be less dependent and have faith in my own work. Step one is to do more, familiarize and the rest will come. The fear will go away, the fear will go away. I know what looks good and what doesn't, i should know best, i'm the best critic.It feels like someone just punched me in the gut, but it's the truth and i need to accept it.

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a restart

It's almost 3 in the morning and i'm penning my thoughts down.Both afraid and excited at a new chapter in my life tmrw. I hope i'll not repeat the same mistakes, i hope i'll be good enough for the tasks.I've been feeling really crappy the past 2 months since the last job, and that struggle to find a new one, countless of interviews, tests.. came to naught.Thank God for the new job, decent salary, my mum, sis, ever so supportive bf- A, and my partner in crime/ soon-to-be-colleague, J xx

January 2017


1. Get a job i love that can feed me as well2. Put sunscreen everyday-ish (~80% of the time when the sun is still up)3. Exercise (mostly just going for a 2.4k run) at least 1-3 times a week4. Read more booksAs well as staying healthy, self improvement, trying new things.. the norm every year ya kno2017 let's get rekt

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