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98458.the story of 2 unique girls, Anna & Xiuhua

October 2018

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Food Hunts in 城阳 (Part 1)

ever since i came qd, i have alr killed like 5 mozzies?? they are literally everywhere and they like to bite my face cus the rest is all covered up. haha

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1st Monthsary in Qingdao!

time passes so fast sia!! it has been a month since i landed in qingdao! gonna slowly document down the places i went and visited before!!!

September 2018

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Happy Bday to Me!!!

WHEEEE!! Im in my fav 대한민국 now!!!

August 2018

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Mala Snacks!

Just tried the mala snacks for @/3brossg on instagram and its super nice wor!They have both mala fish skin and mala potato chips! can really taste the 麻 on the tongue after a few chips sia!!best of all? its proudly made in Singapore by Singaporeans!!

July 2018

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wahhhh!! saw this cute sunblock w ariel on it and it immediately reminds me of @missy___potts !!

Omggg...jus reached back airbnb and gt no time to post abt today at all! maybe i will do a throwback post to document everything down!!!!

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