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January 2018

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Woke up today feeling like I shouldn't go to work... 😔 Not feeling good at all.And then now in the bus I realised, I forgot something very impt. Great.

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1:35am.When you think your life is a-okay (and isn't that bad) but your mental health condition rears its head and goes, "don't forget I exist!1!1!!!111!!!"and all you can do is just sigh.WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP ANYWAY???

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garner strength

I lie awake asking myself "it's normal right?"I was actually looking forward to January and February the least... because I knew where my thoughts would wander. And it really did.Maybe this is the reason why my mood is starting to plummet. As much as I lost a lot of my memories, that room is always very vivid for one reason or another.

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「何度でも立ち上がれる忘れないで一人じゃないよもっとかがやく未来あたしたち進む泣き虫だっていいんじゃないたまにたよっていいんじゃないかち負け気にしない」My iPod is on shuffle mode, so songs randomly come on. And again, AI (feat. Kanna)'s song, Kirakira, came on and that's snippets of the song that I took down. I shall attempt to translate it later, and why it appealed to me. Let me sleep on bus first. Coz, priorities right?

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It's payday and I alr see 70% of my pay gone.😥 -installs expenses app-I NEED TO BENTO MORE. Except today since I need to self care more. I took half day leave to take care of errands, and to do something for myself (though it involves money).

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2017 in photos

Been wanting to do a 2017 in review but haven't got to putting it on Dayre. I still have loads to do but I shall get this out of the way first.

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