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awkward. #mentalhealth

March 2018

Appetite ran away from me, so disappointed. It's not even nausea anymore, it's just really.. can't eat.Also probably bad idea to spam Lindsay Lohan's Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father). Especially now that we're kinda on edge again...But the question remains, why can't you look at us, the people who genuinely wants to make memories with you? Why are you looking at that direction? Till when will you let go?

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I don't get what brain wants.Sudden urge to cry 😔

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Morning! Time to take some time off for myself.But first, empty trains = awesome. Plus the aircon's working too.

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Back at work 😴😴😴

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self-care (cont'd)

12:45am.I have always been a night owl, so it's no surprise I was very productive. In JC what I did was go home, sleep, wake up at 2.30-3am, revise/do tutorials, and then go to school, reach 50mins before assembly. That 50mins is for tutorials or just zonk out and sleep.Did up something for the next psychiatrist appt. I hope I can garner enough courage to show her (coupled with the right timing). Hopefully.


I'm taking a day off next Tuesday, despite the fact that 1) it's busy season and 2) my deadline is on Friday.And I am planning where to go, what do I want to do...

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