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Happiness ✨

Hello hahahah. I'm here to share happy vibes amidst all the finals sadness and studying and whatnot hehe.Okay it's because I don't have finals that's why I'm so carefree, sitting right here on my sofa, typing like I don't have a care in the world 😂 okay but I'm not here to boast lmaoza

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Korean food part I

Hahahah omgosh so on Wednesday I met up with XT and SN for dinner and I was happily telling XT about the food you can indulge in in Korea because she's going for summer exchange (so envious errmahgawd but also happy for you because QUAHREA IS AWESOME). SN was unimpressed because she can't appreciate Korean food 😂 oh wellz haters be hatin'~~~Looking through the photos really made me miss Korea :")

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Perks of being an NS girlfriend

Hahahah helluuuu. In light of the fact that Dayre 2.0 is coming reallll soon (actually tbh my summary of my feelings regarding this is "I'm still on the fence"), which means that non-dayre subscribers will not be able to read my dayre, I've decided to prematurely post up my reflections of being an NS girlfriend even though there's still 3.5 months till Ryan ORDs. I've actually already drafted the post long ago when I had nothing better to do lmao and I don't want it to go to waste

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Korea beauty haul 💁🏻‍♀️

Journeying back the west from the east now and I'm so sleepy oh gawd but today I itchy backside want to do a Korea skincare haul/review HAHAHAHAHOmgosh looking at my Korea photos really made me miss... the food 😂 truly one of the main perks of going to Korea for exchange :") hahahah maybe one day I'll do a Korea food post, maybe next week when I'm travelling to and fro the east again HAHAH

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