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Time wait for nobody.

April 2019

Perfect weather fitting for my current feelings. β˜”Rain always a comfort to me.

March 2019

Smlj sia seriously.Did u hear yourself?

February 2019

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I know I shouldn't even be complaining since I even managed to get to at least go their concerts when there are many who didn't even manage to get their tix.But I'm so salty that how most of the concert I only get to see half of it cause of tall guys and their phones.& people who singing along to Jisoo vocal performances πŸ™„πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

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Update:I tried driving and my dad seems damn worried.HAHAHAHAHe told me I'm not very steady yet. So I guess bringing the car out on my own isn't anytime soon 😭😭I did drive home myself with my sis on baord today to go back home and help my parent pick up stuff at home. And I managed to get the car park twice, neatly without my dad beside me. Hehe.Now I'm so looking forward to driving even further dist tmr

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Finally passed my license on the 2nd try.I'm so freaking excited to drive that I don't even know is it normal. Keep having no chance to drive cause haven purchase p plate yet :(My license was registered mailed to me on 30th. Hehe. But omg. Ugly photo eh I swear. I look like alienDad managed to get p plate for me ystd night so now I'm so looking forward to sat whereby dad said he promised to bring me out on a test drive

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