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Running over the same old ground.

July 2019

So yesterday night was bad.


IT’S BEEN SIX DAYS SINCE MY LAST ENTRY. AM I OFFICIALLY RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT?! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEETbh recently I feel damn insecure about my relationship with K. There is literally nothing wrong but my paranoia is to the point whereby every night I dream about him abandoning me. Life is great 🙃


I’ve known Matt for like over three months now and I think we talk almost daily. I’m surprised he hasn’t make it to my dayre. I think partly it’s because he’s a friend more than a date. #avoMatt #dayrelove #dayredating #dayrelationship


Days away from Dayre always feel so long and writing posts are legit always on my mind. But these few days leading up to my therapy + psych appointments have been trying. Thank God it’s all over now and I can breathe again. It’s really not as bad as it sounds, I just well, worry excessively over them.

“Let me listen to me”

I was gonna write an exfile today. I kinda try to intersperse posts of K with posts of past dates, so that it doesn’t get boring/sappy/repetitive. But I figured, hey, I write whatever the fuck I want. If today I want to write another sappy story of K and I, even though it’d be the third consecutive one - so be it.

Titles (and how they might not matter)

It’s been so long since I’ve wrote anything. Recently K and I had our first “argument”. I put that in quotations because I was the only one getting upset. K was calm and patient as usual. I didn’t want to write it down actually. But I think future me will appreciate the documentation. #avoK #dayrelove #dayredating #dayrelationship

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