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updated 11 months ago

So comfy my little bear. This bear of mine needs to be carried much more than Lexie when she was a newborn. He doesn't lie down and go to sleep quietly by himself. Have to pat, rock, carry, sing until he's in a deep sleep.

So, I'm researching wraps, ring slings or deciding to just buy an infant insert for my existing ergobaby 360.

After many YouTube videos, I'm still undecided. Might just get the insert but don't hv the colour that i want. Apala.

Tis the recipe for mashed potatoes pancake. In case i can't find it in the future. Made it twice and both times Lexie ate alot.

It happened accidentally. She refused dinner one night. So i boiled 1 potato while slamming things around in the kitchen. Mashed it up. Fed her. She refused to eat potatoes. Fine.

So i googled for recipes using leftover mashed potatoes. And tried this out.

Turned out she loves it. So saving this recipe.

I only used 1 potato though and added 1 egg, some grated chedda

Cheddar cheese because parmesan is more exp, and about 3 tbsp of flour. That's it. Mix them all together and pan fry them. Use v little oil.

Anyway. Back to topic of baby carriers. I don't think i have the patience to tie and untie wraps. So ring sling seems better. But after looking at YouTube videos, my ergobaby looks sturdier and I'm used to it oredi. Not like i really will breastfeed in the sling. I just want my hands free n be able to walk around while carrying him. So yea.

Day 224

Saturday, 12 Aug 2017

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fornight (avatar)

fornight Boy can grow very fast and insert might only work for 1 or 2 months only. I have the same carrier and I think the insert was too tight for Rachel at 2 months

11 months ago

amysimon (avatar)

amysimon ahh..that's what i was worried about too! might not get it then. maybe just wait till he's big enough to use the carrier after all! @fornight

11 months ago

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