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My stomach feels so tight! Uncomfortable. Can't get comfortable and I'm panting eventhough I'm lying down on the bed. Why is this pregnancy wearing me out so easily?

Is it because I'm chasing after Lexie at the same time or age?

Having a baby at (wait counting) 33 (omfg I'm 33?) vs 30 really different? Holy hell.

In all honesty though, had i known better, i wouldn't wait so long to get pregnant. The younger you are, the more energy u have. If i had a kid at latest 28, i would be 48 when he's

20. Not so bad is it?

But I'm turning 33 this year. So that means when bb2 is 20, I'll be 53. Only in college/uni. When he's working, say 25, I'll be 58. Meh. Soooo long to go. Grandkids? At least 65 la.

Morbid thought - my dad passed away aged 64. 😣

Only grandchild not even 1 year old by then.

Life eh?

Anyway. Less morbid thoughts. Don't wait too long to have kids!


Sunshine came home from school with runny nose whyyyy God whyyyt dim gai??? Don't do this to me please!

I overdosed her with multivitamins and another supplement i got from yu yan san supposed to boost immunity. Then fed her plenty of fruits then cooked pear with chicken soup then used eucalyptus oil in the bathroom n eucalyptus cream on her back and chest.

Kiasu not? I'm damn scared please.

Cannot handle her getting sick so soon again. Just cannot!! 🙅🙅 i ain't goin down without a fight.

Look. Our first harvest. Home grown asparagus. Duno why Cs plucked these out tho. No idea what I'm going to do with it. Bro in law next door apparently plucked alot of asparagus from their plants and cooked them already. 👍

We got some bitter gourd seedlings from Taiwan last trip and look! It's growing! Surprise surprise!

Ohmmmmmm... something to keep in mind.

I seem to always need a constant reminder of this.

When I'm scolding Lexie, wishing i had more patience and I'm not so tired.

When I'm angry at Cs for not being home/helping out more when it's really not his fault.

Ohmm... 🙏

Day 161

Saturday, 10 Jun 2017

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winniesm (avatar)

winniesm waaaaa i want asparagus!

11 months ago

amysimon (avatar)

amysimon really? want the plant? @winniesm

11 months ago

winniesm (avatar)

winniesm yes

11 months ago

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