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Coffee is one thing i refuse to cut out from my diet. #dayrepregnancy #36weekspregnant

Whoever said drinking coffee will result in a small baby is an idiot.

I'm spreading bad qi this morning. As soon as i open my mouth, i can feel it. Even typing here. Deleted post few times oredi. The above sentence was the most civilised one.

Lexie woke up at 3sth. Fell asleep at 6sth. This morning.

Yesterday morning was us all getting out of bed at 5sth.


But I shall try to be upbeat. Try.

This one skipped school for the 4th day already. 😐 i really ran out of ways to entertain her. Suggested a "picnic". Not in the teepee cos too small and well, cannot dirty it. It's for sale. We took it out to try. Bopien we have to cos when customers buy and ask a thousand questions, we need answers.

Daughter of mine has zero interest in all tents though. Ironic.

We caved in and finally bought a table and another chair.

Best. Decision. Ever!!

So much easier to clean and feed her. Can keep the ikea high chair yay.

Only thing is she insists papa sit down with her at her table to eat. Heh. Mommy got big stomach and backache excuse.

Can see stretch marks? Much worse from the front but i ain't showing that to anyone except Cs, Dr Nick and the nurses. Meh. #36weekspregnant

Weight gain this time (for now) is still 8kg. Weight stagnant since i started cutting down food. Meh.

Weight gain entire pregnancy with Lexie was 14kg. Lihai not?

I still have a month to go though. Am giving myself max 2kg weight gain. Think i can actually do it.

Rou rou pie in the making in an attempt to make her eat more.

Toddler cannot wait and keep asking is it done is it done? Then camping in the kitchen and sitting on her chair waiting. Pressure is on.

Then licked the spoons clean while i was still cooking.

Then pronounced "hou chi" or delicious in mandarin.

Now she's waiting in front of the oven.

I take this as a good sign. 😀

Fresh out of the oven and me frantically blowing while she kept chanting is it done is it done is it done?

Now she's chanting yummy and hou chi. Mommy's happy. 😁

Duno why so hungry like i starved her. She had a cheese bun for breakfast leh.

So, u know when kids r sick, u gotta "dupe" them into eating healthy food?

I was afraid she wouldn't drink the manuka honey i bought. V expensive leh so i introduced it as "ice cream soup".

Now she loves her ice cream soup and asks for it everyday. 🙄 I'm telling her it's manuka honey now but hahah what if other people hear her asking for it outside?

Yesterday i steamed some pears for her cos supposedly good for cough. Again, she refused to try. Sooo..behold, the NEW "ice cream soup". 🙄

If u haven't guessed, she loves ice cream. The real one. So yeaaa, that's my solution for now.

Day 166

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017

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