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updated 11 months ago

Gave myself a day off from confinement food. Sausage mcmuffin, hash brown and orange juice only la. But it feels good to eat something unhealthy. Rebel. 😊

Because today i turn 33.

This one is celebrating my birthday for me since I'm stuck at home. Hahah.

Was craving salmon sashimi and something Korean like army stew but Cs promised to bring Lexie to cityone and there's nothing like that there. So tapau for dinner la.

You accompany mommy at home ah little boy. Chubby cheeks getting his diaper changed. He always always poops at night. 4 times last night and changes his pjs and long pants every night cos sure leak.

Was using Dryers but changed to mamy poko. Same. But not much point buying good diapers since he still poops so many times at night that we still have to change. So, the nights are veryyy long here. Poop every time after each feed.

And he pooped twice oredi in my arms in 1 hour. 😬

Hiao si put on makeup and wear red to take pictures with ny babies. 😊

Baby 1 very give face. So excited to wear red with mommy. Hah. Baby 2 still sleeping.

My pretty littlr girl is growing up so fast.

Day 225

Sunday, 13 Aug 2017

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yingthegoyangi (avatar)

yingthegoyangi Happy birthday!!! 😁😁😁

11 months ago

casscps (avatar)

casscps happy birthday!!! where's the cake 😀

11 months ago

amysimon (avatar)

amysimon Thanks @yingthegoyangi @casscps 😊😊 cake in ma belly hahha

11 months ago

SitohBerry (avatar)

SitohBerry happy belated bday! pretty mummy!

11 months ago

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