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Aidan has been fussy since last night waking up n crying few times after midnight. Needs to be carried to sleep. All the way till now. Stayed awake for so long sleeping in our arms but awake immediately when u set him down.

Bad day for Lexie to decide she'll have no lunch today. Refused everything. Fine.

How i felt.

We introduced a bottle yesterday. Cs fed him. Took a few sips. Then confinement aunty took over. He had 2oz. Mind, this was after he fed from my boobs hor. No wonder double chin so prominent.

Anyway. Aunty took away that bottle later. I assumed she threw it away because i have never refed the same bottle of milk. I'm a cow since Lexie's time so plenty of milk to waste.

Fast forward 2 hours later.

I was feeding Lexie lunch when Aidan started crying.

Me: hmmm he must be hungry already.

Aunty: no. I fed him the remaining 2oz. He finished it.

Me: what???! Spoiled already!

Her: only 2 hours leh.

Me: no 4 hours plus. that bottle was from morning.

Her: u didn't tell me.

Neither did she ask. Sigh.

I'm writing this because I'm so tempted to point finger 👉👉👉👉 it's ur damn fault he's been so fussy whole night. Maybe milk really spoiled. It's been heated up twice.

Aiya. Sien. now i don't dare bottle feed him till she's gone. Next Tues. Soon soon. Patience Iago.

Now that baby 2 is sleeping, i should sleep. But baby 1 is waking up soon. And i just prepped banana pancakes to cook for her later. For sure wake up, mommy I'm hungry.

Well no. It'll be cuter than that. First she'll hug and manja me then quietly say mommy, bb hungry. She still refers to herself as bb but more often as Lexie now cos she knows didi is the new baby.

Good news is she'll ask for him now. When she hasn't seen him in a while, she'll ask where is he? 😊

Duno why photo turned out so yellow. Both my babies sleep with their arms like that as newborns. Now that Lexie is a toddler, she sleeps with her arms thrown out taking alot of space on the bed. Like who? Their papa. So I'm going to be sharing the bed with 3 space takers. Meh. I sleep curled up on one side. Lucky for that eh.

Not mine but mannnn am i craving for something icy cold!!!! Sick of red dates tea. Might stop drinking it after this week or when the dates at home finish. Sick of heaty food. I want stuffed crust hawaiian supreme and double cheeseburger!!!! And cake. Omgg cake. Cake. Ice cream.

I sound like a starving person. 😂

Let the children play.

Umm so i made banana chocolate pancake for her since she didn't eat lunch.

As u know, I'm the Queen of improv so uhh i didn't follow the recipe properly. Ended up with this chewy pancake that's uhh not so nice.

But Lexie must b starving or very give face cos she's eating one after the other declaring yummyyummy. Ok la. As long as ur eating.

Day 222

Thursday, 10 Aug 2017

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