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This combo makes delicious smoothies! Sedapnya. Then i made some into frozen popsicles aka ice cream for the toddler.

Haven't been drinking smoothies for quite some time since being pregnant actually but recently started again cos trying not to eat so much.

Also, trying to substitute all my sweet cravings with healthier alternative.

The other day i had leftover watermelon. So i blended that with strawberry greek yoghurt too. Waa so nice. Added chia seeds to make myself feel better too.

This one is used to drinking cold flavored drinks with meals. My fault. It could range from home made juices to vitagen to chocolate milk to teh bunga or whatever i have at home.

Sometimes it's yoghurt drink, sometimes it's smoothies. These days it's mostly manuka honey.

She drinks plain water, yes. But never during meal times. Only AFTER. Dim gai u so mafan? But ahh nvm. Water is still water.

Now, i can still sort of cater to her needs. But how ah when bb2 comes out? 😨

Just now after shower, i thought i felt a trickle of warm water running down my thighs.

Thought cos i duno...

So i spent some time Googling "how to know if my water breaks"

With Lexie, i had an emergency c-sec so my water didn't break until the surgery.

Cs saw it and told me: he broke ur water. It was like popping a balloon and there was sooo much water everywhere.

So yahhh.

Just nw, the toddler finished her hot dog bun, then cheese sandwich then some chocolate biscuits. With 1 cup of manuka honey and some yoghurt drink.

When she finally stood up, she told me: so full ah (mandarin: hen pau).

Cs and i started laughing to which she replied while wobbling to the toilet to wash her hands: papa laughed at me. Why?

Hahah she talks so much now.

I'm putting her to sleep now and she's chanting softly beside me: hot dog bun hot dog bun hot dog bun. 😑

Day 169

Sunday, 18 Jun 2017

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