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I was woken up by Lexie almost every hour from 12 to 5 sth. I had to pee twice myself, and changed her diaper once. Refilled her water bottle once.

That's why we both finally dragged ourselves out of bed at 9.20am this, to find a leaking diaper again. But thank God for those waterproof sheets from taobao.

So, only had to wash her pyjamas, cloth and blankets. Not too bad. At least my king sized bedsheets no need to wash.

But anyway. Hence, my mood today. I don't want to cook.

I'm sick of dealing with a sick kid. Yes, again! Runny nose and cough. Just fed her breakfast of 1/2 a scrambled egg and few scoops of yoghurt. Then flu and cough meds and neb her.

Now gotta bathe her while the weather is hot and she's showing no signs of fever. Her hair stinks - really gotta wash it.

But my big fat whale of a body isn't cooperating.

Panting and wheezing on the sofa now. Gimme 5 mins.

You know what? I can't wait to be that slim again. To be able to walk faster without panting, to bend down and pick something up without this watermelon between my legs kicking me, to be able to swing Lexie around while playing, and to feel better about myself.

Last night, i cried....over my stretch marks.

Swear to God hormones getting the better of me.

They just keep on appearing no matter what oils or creams I'm slathering on.

And pregnant women are so vain, aren't they?

Very serious book reading in process. Gotta encourage this as much as possible. 😀

Day 164

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017

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