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School Excursion Day

It's school excursion day today! 😂

As expected he doesn't want to have his breakfast in school so I took him to Macs for breakfast first.

Happy meal makes me happy! 😁


After breakfast back to school to take attendance and wait for the bus!

This boy is really funny... Acting like a boss and bossing the other kids around... Like telling them to keep quiet etc 😅

And I realised that he really takes care of his BFF as well.. BFF was crying and he went to Sayang his face... And the BFF's Aunt was telling me "Wah he very caring" 😅

When other kids try to take his BFF's sweet he also shoo-ed them off and gave back his BFF his sweet..


Super excited!

Off we go!

Me and my lovely son ❤

Super cute couple 😂

The girl was like "E, you want to hold my hand?"

Then this boy so bad go and reject her and said No. LOL...

But still I made him hold her hands la... 😂😂😂


Cheeky baby...

Lining up to get inside Cool De Sac!

Him and his BFF..

Super cute together...

I always say the reason why this boy is his BFF is because he is so gentle and soft... Because my boy has such a hard character 😆😆😆

Cannot wait for briefing already...

Fun begins!


Day 73

Thursday, 14 Mar 2019

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