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Wedding bands ✔

Since Boyf just went to work and I'm quite free now (working tonight), I should dayre about....

Our wedding bands!!!

We started looking at wedding bands yesterday.. and got it yesterday. 😂

Super fast hahaha cos of Boyf's character la. He's very very fast & rash & chop chop & impulsive & decisive. Once he sees sth that he wants, he will just get it and don't bother checking others out. Even when it comes to our wedding stuffs. Got good got bad but I'm used to it and I think I'm somehow like that too but slightly more indecisive haha.

& the wedding band story goes..

Last night, he suddenly told me to get ready to go Tampines for dinner. It's near us so sometimes I put make up & sometimes not. Heng ah I put yesterday cos actually I was planning to drag him to look at Venus Tears pink diamond series hahaha.

But he played me out 😂
He didn't to plan to go Tampines 😑

I'm always using phone while I drive and hardly look up. The next thing I know, I saw "Cairnhill Circle" & it's obviously not the way to Tampines.

👧: I thought we going Tampines?
👦: Ya but I went wrong way *poker face*
👧: Oh..

In my heart I was already thinking he's probably heading to town to try wedding bands or sth. I know it's not gonna be a proposal la for sure cos he didn't style his hair haha. But he was wearing covered shoes that means he alr planned to go town!

NTS: Always put make up to go out

And then the next time I lift my head up, he was trying to enter Cineleisure carpark.

👧: We gg cine ah? Watch movie?
👦: Since we alr here ma.. might as well.
👧: Oh okay lo

So we decided to eat dinner at Cine 😂

After dinner..
👦: Since we're here already, let's go Bvlgari & Cartier to try wedding bands. Maybe it won't suit us, then we will go for cheaper brands like SK etc. So we can have an idea of our wedding band cost

Wrong move!

Cos we ended up just buying straight 😂

Somehow Boyf has the habit of buying stuffs at the 1st shop even when his initial plan is to look look first.

We went Bvlgari > Cartier > Tiffany (didn't plan to go but it's just opposite Cartier > back to Bvlgari

In the end...

We got Bvlgari!

This is my Boyf's ring. 18K rose gold from "B. Zero 1"

And this is mine! The 18k rose gold with a diamond one from "Bvlgari Bvlgari"

Actually I didn't think we'll get Bvlgari ones becos I thought it'll be thick. But mine is the not so thick one while Boyf's one is the thicker one. He felt that the thickness is just nice for him cos it's 1 tier (2 tier looks awfully thick) and his fingers have a lot of gaps so it fills up the gaps quite neatly.

We also tried 3 other designs from Cartier after Bvlgari.

Initially we alr saw this online and kinda "shortlisted" this for me. It was kinda a disappointing cos it's really thin and the "Cartier" word is very small and faint. Diamond also very small and it looks cheap. Much nicer in pics.

This looked really nice on their website and it was "shortlisted" for Boyf. We liked the different gold colors but it looks so different in real life!! Super thin and the colors are not obvious 😞

We also tried this~ But didn't like it.

After trying Bvlgari and Cartier I was thinking btw the 1st Cartier one with the Cartier print, or the Bvlgari one.

But we decided to drop by Tiffany & Co too since its right opposite

Nothing much. The only nicer one looks similar to the Cartier-print one but with "Tiffany & Co" instead all around the band and total 3 diamonds.

We decided to go back to Bvlgari to see and ask some questions that we forgot to ask too.

Little did we know.. We ended up buying straight away 😂

Even paid 100% instead of 50% deposit and it should be already sent for engraving now!

We're gonna engrave our names + wedding date + ♡

Will be collecting this Fri and I'll post photos of the engraving!

Here's our wedding bands!

Lazy to resize hahah. Here's the front view~

Here's the top view!

And the very chio box

A picture of me and my Bvlgari shopping bag cos Boyf say must take 😂

Honestly we both didn't expect we'll get the wedding bands so early haha. But Boyf says he wanna get it by March for our pre-wedding shoot/film anyway so it's just 6 months away 😂 Even tho our AD is like what? 1 year 4 months away 😂

I bet the salesman didn't expect us to buy so immediately cos he looked shocked when we came back 😂 and so happy hahaha $$$. But he has such good service we're happy customers too.

He didn't judge us for being young and wearing shorts LOL

Thumbs down 👇 to Tiffany & Co salesgirl who didn't bother to let us try the ring in our sizes 😝

After buying, my Boyf still very hao lian de claim credit..

👦: You see I never scrimp on you one hor.. I give you the best of everything.

Last time when we were dating I asked him about couple rings cos it was a trend. And he said "Don't want. If I buy couple ring for u now, in future our wedding band means nothing. We only can have one pair in our lives"

Last night I reminded him and he said:

"You see last time we never get couple ring now I give u the best right? My words got meaning de"

Super cock 😂

Then where is my diamond ring and proposal now?!

We're the only couple that does everything upside down 😂

Wedding band before proposal ring 😑
Plan every wedding details before actual proposal 😑

Cos Boyf say he won't propose so soon. He wanna like propose alr just awhile can get married liao kind. But sg plan wedding must plan in advance so we gotta plan first thn propose later 😟

I must be patient 😇

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Monday, 17 Aug 2015

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missrainplum (avatar)

missrainplum my friend also booked her bridal and banquet before her proposal so dont worry :)

3 years ago

mytaintedworld (avatar)

mytaintedworld Haha be patient ! I'm so excited for you ! I also got my prewed package before the proposal. Even the MIL got the 四點金 before we applied for bto, prewed etc.

3 years ago

missaseat (avatar)

missaseat V nice.... He's like a planner, a keeper. 👍

3 years ago

amberchong (avatar)

amberchong @madelinepun haha I'm not worried! cos we wanna secure our date so we had to book early

3 years ago

amberchong (avatar)

amberchong @mytaintedworld I also think wedding itself more important so no point to delay it just to wait for proposal first

3 years ago

amberchong (avatar)

amberchong @missingray I don't think he planned for us to buy wedding bands so soon 😂 he's always very impulsive!

3 years ago

cynsummur (avatar)

cynsummur YAY! 1 item off the list! got the cantwaittowearweddingband feeling??? hahahah.

3 years ago

amberchong (avatar)

amberchong @cynsummur my htb say he feel like wearing straight away alr haha 😂 but I told him cannot!!

3 years ago

cynsummur (avatar)

cynsummur hhahah! yar, next time is PW shoot! omg, cant wait to see your proposal ring choice.

3 years ago

amberchong (avatar)

amberchong @cynsummur I gotta be idle alr until end of year thn plan march PW 😂 yawn

3 years ago

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