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Sometimes I think I look super deceiving for my age. Basically my work place allows smart casual all day err day. So I mostly dress in sneakers, more casual dresses or pants + tops usually. Plus I don't wear makeup. And I carry a backpack. A few times I have been stopped by insurance surveyors wanting to ask me more questions.

Now I actually enjoy talking to such people as long as they don't hardsell me and make me feel too uncomfortable. I enjoy seeing the surprised look on their faces.

Because I look so young right, it's quite funny when I put how much money I have/save/earn down. I always get a boost to my self esteem.

Okay perhaps those agents are just trying to curry favor and get me in a good mood so I'll sign something with them.

But still, I get a little bit happy inside haha. I did spend a few minutes of my time with them so let this self gratifying feeling be my reward then! Today though, I was in a new situation where I felt it wasn't so good to look young.

So today, I went for a house viewing. Super random. I decided on a whim over the weekend that it was time to start looking and just left my contact info on Property Guru. I didn't even do any research on the processes or get an IPA from for loans or whatever. I didn't even know I COULD get an IPA for bank loans before today! Today's agent was nice enough to explain what had to be done.

But I could still feel the slight disbelief, like they believed this little girl couldn't be a serious buyer.

Anyway so yes. I've started looking at houses. I'm very requirement oriented. I know clearly what I want and so I've narrowed it down to ONE development that:

1) has just MOP-ed
2) convenient (next to MRT station)
3) close enough to my parents
4) close enough to my primary school

Wahaha when I tell people (4) they are all like "WHAT WHY YOU THINK OF THIS SO EARLY"!

If not now then when? I come from a REALLY good primary school I cannot let the opportunity go to waste!

I'm not saying that I totally support the alumni scheme for primary school registration. If it gets abolished, then so be it. But if I have the privilege then of COURSE I'll make use of it to the fullest. And I don't want to buy a place far away then end up having to move just to be nearer to school!

I know first hand the torture of a long commute so I'm unwilling to subject my kids to a longer than necessary commute.

This is also why I need my house to be walking distance to an MRT station.

So yes. I found this HDB development that fits all my requirements. And a big mall has just started building next to it which while not one of my cardinal requirements, is not a bad thing at all!

It's in the sweet spot where the minimum occupation period was just over and there have been quite a few transactions which I can compare against on the HDB website.

Got to say I'm quite excited to start this new project. Only thing that is physically missing is my husband.


Can't wait for him to come over 🤗!

Speaking of husband we have agreed to watch this season of Game of Thrones together. Meaning we both play it at the same time while connected via Hangouts. Due to the time difference this means the only reasonable time for us to watch it is my Friday night because he ends work early on Friday 😩. I am seriously contemplating waking up in the middle of the night just to watch it.

It's such a torture avoiding spoilers I tell you.

Just last week I went to unsubscribe to the subreddits r/gameofthrones and r/asoiaf. So unless I slide to the "popular" page I will not see any GOT related posts. This works well.

Early this morning before the second episode aired in the US I went to unfollow the GOT topic on Quora. After lunch I went in BUT there was this question with a spoiler in the title staring back at me. WTF. I would have been spoiled even if I watched the episode at my earliest available opportunity which is at night.

I have since deleted Quora.

Thankfully, Apr - May is the season of public holidays in both Singapore and Spain! This means I only have to wait until Friday for 2/6 episodes of the final season. Episode 2 and Episode 4 to be exact.

For the rest:

EP 3, airs 29/4 morning. 1st may (Wed) is a holiday on both sides.
EP 5, airs 13/5 morning. 15 May (Wed) is a holiday in Spain so D will be home when I get home from work.
EP 6, airs 20/5 morning. Vesak day so if D is willing to wake up earlier we can watch it on the day itself!

Last work he worked from home on Monday so we could watch the premiere on Monday too. But for this week we just gotta wait.

Sighs. Sacrifices I make for love. This is an example of the challenges in #LDR. Anyhoos I feel like I should avoid social media as much as possible. Dayre is a safe space because there's very little TV talk here.

This means I might just use Dayre as a distraction until Friday. What should I talk about, hm?

So since my high effort credit card and banking strategy post my followers have jumped by like 40 people or so, probably for the personal finance information in that post.

Not too sure what I should talk about though. I already track my expenses here frequently, but I don't give a detailed breakdown. Maybe that? Income tax reduction? CPF?

I'll just write about whatever comes to mind la, as I've always done :)

OK end of word vomit for today!

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Monday, 22 Apr 2019

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nurseashley (avatar)

nurseashley They cannot judge you based on looks! maybe you're a secret millionaire 🤗

1 month ago

chloechloechloe (avatar)

chloechloechloe It happened to us before as well. Agents didn’t take us seriously even though we were serious buyers. Now that we both look mature enough but can’t afford anymore 😬

1 month ago

amazingq (avatar)

amazingq @nurseashley @chloechloechloe looking too young is a good problem so I shouldn't complain hehe

1 month ago

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