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polyclinic visit experience

I finally tried this while waiting for some xray results at a polyclinic (I've been coughing and having a flu for such a prolonged period of time that my chest hurts).

Verdict? It's not bad, I see why people like it - the mixture of the sweet maple syrup in the muffin with the usual sausage and eggs. I'm a savory person so the added sweetness doesn't entice me. It's still nice, just that I'd rather pay half price ($3) for my grab-n-go consisting of the coffee and a sausage Mcmuffin without egg.

I'm very impressed with our polyclinics

This minor ordeal has lasted more than 2 months. I'm still spewing phlegm and rushing to the toilet every so often to clear my sinuses.

In the meantime I've been to a normal GP thrice and also a Chinese doctor once. Today I decided to head to the polyclinic because I was honestly worried about the acute pain felt whenever I sneezed or coughed, and the polyclinic is the most cost efficient way to get a referral to a specialist.

I waited so long because past experiences have been a nightmare.

The nightmares stemmed from having long waits EVERYTIME. Such a waste of time! Wait 45 mins to register, wait 45 mins to see doctor, wait 45 mins to get medicine, wait 45 mins to pay. OMG. Everyone who has been to a polyclinic in the 10-15 year ago era can vouch for it.

So since I started working I've mainly been going to the panel clinics under my organization's insurance policy, except for the dental services.

Today is my first time in a long time back in a polyclinic for consultation.

From the same day online appointment system (download health hub app), I managed to get a slot at 920am at Hougang polyclinic. There were a lot of slots available too, when I checked just after midnight.

Got the the polyclinic at 915am. I could have gone straight to waiting for the doctor but due to some confusion I went to the registration counter instead. Turns out I scanned my driving license wrongly. But no matter. It set me back all of 20 minutes.

By 945am I saw the doctor. She asked me to go do an Xray which was located in the polyclinic! Together with other diagnostic labs like blood testing.

By 1010am I was done with the Xray. I was told it'd take 1 hour for the results to come out and I would have to wait outside the doctor's consultation room then.

So I went for the Maccas and got back to the polyclinic at 1110am. To my surprise my number was on the "missed call" list. Meaning the results took shorter than an hour to be ready!

No matter. I told the staff and within 5 minutes I got called. The doctor gave me a detailed answer as to why I was sick for so long, what was happening to me, explained exactly what each medicine was for and how long did it need to take effect (much better than the GP I went to thrice did!)

The time was around 1120am. I headed to the pharmacy, got my medicine. Payment could be done through payment booths (a la McDonald's ordering screens).

I told the staff at the booths that I had a copayment card from work. They scanned it and in less than 2 minutes I was done. To my shock the bill for everything (consultation, Xray, medicine) was... $25 before my copayment scheme kicked in (meaning to say if I paid all by myself it would cost $25).

I left the polyclinic no later than 1140am, as happy as a lark.

👏👏👏👏👏👏 for the Singapore health care system.

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Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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