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life updates / #dayrefinance mar 2019

I'm so happy it's April! I'm a bit nervous and scared that the wedding is so near and yet also so happy that this longest leg of LDR is coming to an end.

I've also been kinda feeling disengaged at work. It usually comes and goes but this past month was especially bad because it was also the performance review season.

I did well... I guess? It remains to be seen. But I also did well doing things I'd rather NOT do.

I was willing to settle for a lower grading if it meant I wouldn't have to repeat what I don't like to do the coming year. Does that make sense? I also dunno if it's because I don't need the money for my lifestyle hence I'm perfectly OK with saying such stuff.

The fresh grad me would completely balk at this attitude of mine right now. But hey, different priorities at different life stages right?

But that's over for at least another 10-11 months so I don't have to think about this until then.

For now I'm going to try to not work excessively and live by the motto that it's just a job and it's not my life. Sure, such a mindset might not be good for career advancement but I'm honestly at the stage where I want to settle down and not chiong so much. I'll let others overtake me, tyvm.

Other than the above March has been alright. More QT than usual spent with people I love hanging out with and my body feels much better (I didn't blow my nose even once at work today!)

For now it's time for #dayrefinance March 2019 - where I spent $2230, above budget of $2100.

(1) Fixed Expenses of $890, above budget of $880. Includes parents, taxes, charitable donations, insurance premiums and bills. I changed my handphone plan and it didn't occur to me that I had to pay for the following month as well, hence the discrepancy.

(2) Daily Expenses of $435, above budget of $400. Consists of food, public transport, grab/gojek/cabs, groceries + other miscellaneous stuff that pops up in my daily life but is not high enough to be considered an "unexpected expense".

I guess I just wasn't that mindful of what I spent on? So with a few Grabs, eating at restaurants a few times you get to this number.

I also discovered my LOVE for the Guinness chips and may have slightly overindulged more than a few times ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ. Not to mention other miscellaneous expenses like back payment of some medical expenses and buying phone accessories! But I think I definitely over spent so imma cut down on the Grab next month maybe?

(3) Expected Expenses of $895, above budget of $820. This was supposed to include a day trip to JB, a gift for a newborn baby, hairdressers, and Spanish classes.

I think I underestimated how much doing my hair would cost. Didn't help that Spanish lessons went up in price by about 10% too ๐Ÿ˜” and I missed the early bird discount. I also gave a $50 angpow to my friend's baby, and $60 went to train tickets + changing money for JB.

(4) Wedding Expenses of $10. I bought this ring pillow and flower basket from Lazada wahaha. The ring pillow is for D's cousin to bring us the wedding bands on (it's normal there). It came together with the flower basket which I will give to my goddaughter. If she feels like it on the day she can be my flower girl, I wouldn't mind ๐Ÿ˜

With that, my actual expenditure exceeded my budget by $130, to a total of $2230.

And for April's forecast...

I dunno why but a budget of $1500 seems unnaturally low? But I really cannot think of more that I would spend on. I suppose that's why I have a category called unexpected where I dump any unseen big ticket expenses haha.

(1) Fixed Expenses $850. Taxes, insurance, parents, bills and charitable donations. This will be the last time this year that it'll be 800+ because I'm expecting a huge bump in my income tax come May despite all efforts to lower it. That's a story for another time.

(2) Daily Expenses of $350. I'm spending a week in the USA hence the slightly lower expenses in this category. Consists of food, transport, grab/gojek/cab, groceries, miscellaneous 5cent10cent things that are not big enough to be considered unexpected.

Thinking about the long flight and the trip itself just makes me want to shrivel up and die seriously. FML. At least I don't burn my Good Friday weekend.

(3) Expected Expenses of $300. I have a lot of small things to spend on this month.

๐Ÿ“More shorts + swimwear for D so that he can utilize them on the honeymoon
๐Ÿ“Present for my best friend who is spending her 30th birthday with me on my wedding day. Away from her husband.
๐Ÿ“Present for another best friend + my goddaughter who both celebrate their birthdays in early May
๐Ÿ“ Facial moisturizer, sheet and eye masks
๐Ÿ“ Some phone accessories like extra USB-C cables and screen protector

Dunno why my initial calculations worked out to about $300 for all the above? Feels kinda low.

But the numbers don't lie so I'm looking at an overall budget of $1500 for April 2019.

Actually now that I think about it I'm forgetting another fixed expense for April - the addition of the Dayre 2.0 subscription. Barring any unreasonable prices I should be subscribing, at least for the first few months or so. But since I don't know how much it'll cost me I guess it's ok not to factor it in above yet.

Over the course of writing this my follower:following ratio has gone above 1.0

I've never really written with the intention for people other than D to read my posts before. All the personal finance stuff I write down is just to keep myself accountable and also to have a record of how much I spent before.

Hence even my posts on seemingly unrelated topics like travelling, going to the doctor, or buying a new phone, always revolve around how much I spend on them because I think that's my whole purpose of writing. To record the strategy and reasons behind all my expenditures.

And I've always thought that my Dayre would be very boring for the normal Dayre demographic to read so I don't expect many followers.

So why did you guys follow and what kinda stuff would you like to read? Indulge me a little, because I'm quite curious. But no obligations la, I'm fine with just plodding along updating how I've always updated.

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