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the dog days are not over

A fucking scary thing happened to me today. I got chased by an angry, barking stray dog.

Now there's been a stray dog issue around my neighborhood. I see some around the playground park when I walk home. They come close and stare at me at times.

Some nights when I'm out for a post dinner walk I've seen up to 20 chilling at a dead end of a road which opens up to a field (ok I dunno if my overactive imagination is working up here), howling and barking. It was chilling to say the least.

But today was the first time I've ever got chased! And it was on my usual route out to the bus stop so I don't think I was infringing into any territory that I shouldn't have been stepping into! I just saw a crazy dog appear from the corner of my eye out of nowhere barking incessantly and rushing toward me.

I guess I now know if I'm a fighter or flee-er. I'm the latter, through and through. I just ran and screamed.

I don't know why I screamed either. To scare the dog? To alert others?

Anyway the doggo chased me for like 5 seconds, and then turned away.

After that, a maid in one of the houses very nicely told me that I should not run next time, but stand my ground and pretend to throw something at it. I mean sure. Tell that to me after the incident but in that split second when I saw this mad animal making a dash towards me who honestly would have the mental fortitude to "stand her ground" and "pretend to threaten it?"

My mum had an even better piece of advice.

I'm here to continue on my story (3 days later lol procrastinate much Q) because things cropped up on Thursday and the past 2 days were just lazy days for me.

Anyway I'm on a 30-45 min bus ride with nothing to do so I shall continue.

As I was saying my mum just told me to scare the dog off with an UMBRELLA. I barely had time to react by running away. Where was I gonna get the time to open my backpack, grab the umbrella and brandish it like a sword?

I told my mum the above.

And she was all "you have to be prepared!"


Okay to be fair a lot of people told me the same thing. That I had to scare the dog off instead of running away. Well today (Sunday, 21 Apr) I went prepared but there was no sign of any dogs.

I'll try again in the week to come.

Separately I wrote to the Animal and Veterinary Service, and got my entire family to write to them as well. Hopefully they'll come and capture the strays.

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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chloechloechloe (avatar)

chloechloechloe Oh no. So scary. It’s disturbing for the local residents

2 months ago

chloechloechloe (avatar)

chloechloechloe Hope you are ok

2 months ago

bunster (avatar)

bunster They will put the strays to sleep:(

1 month ago

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