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photo / hair talk

I bought a new phone the past weekend (Huawei Mate 20 Pro, $918 from one of those FEP shops with a Shopee shop without plan).

I was at the floating platform area for an event and took the opportunity to put the camera to test.

This is at CHIJMES where my friends and I had a coffee. One of these happening areas that I don't frequent normally hahaha.

The camera seems pretty good thus far! Pity Dayre still cannot post uncropped photos.

But to be honest it's very easy to make this scene look good in the sun.

Super macro mode. I'm at the hairdresser now (basically whenever I have an "early" day off due to events like this I will head to the hairdresser for an appointment), to do my 4 monthly overhaul.

Each time I come for this massive overhaul (colour, treatment, straighten, cut) I will need to be here for like 4-5 hours, I will get hungry and my hairdresser will offer me some snacks and food. Today it's this salad 😋.

Aaand I'm done!

After 4 hours and 45 minutes lol. My hair is a disaster if I don't maintain it well. The only thing is that everytime I go to this hairdresser she'll tell me to go do stuff like brows and my face etc.. All of which I don't really see a point doing because it's expensive.

With my eczema I really hate putting foreign stuff on my face. My skin is over sensitive and I'm not willing to risk putting something new and having my face sting all over. So for skincare I stick to the dermatological brands.

Sometimes I feel like I've forgotten how to "girl" properly. I don't shop. I don't make up. I don't do brows / facials etc etc etc. It doesn't help that I work in a male dominated industry and our conversation topics revolve around other things, meaning I'm terribly uninformed about all things beauty related.

So when I do meet people occasionally that are into such stuff, I do feel very out of depth and out of place. 👉👈. The only one that I feel REALLY suffers from my being like this is D.

Because I feel quite bad la! Other partners probably put a lot of effort into looking good? That's probably something I have to work on, and it's not limited to stuff like make up and clothes but also to exercise, take care of my health, eat a healthy diet etc...

To be honest with him not here I lead a really lazy life. And with me not with him he also becomes really lazy. I think we're just better people with each other around.

Speaking of D it's his birthday today. The fourth one since we've been together but the first we're not spending together.

Frankly I'm quite done with this LDR nonsense. I want to get my own place, start my life with D, and build our lives together.

It's not that I'm sick of living with my parents or absolutely detest the single life. It's just that I'm tired of being in this phase of life and I would like to move on.

Vibrant colours captured on some bougainvilleas on my street. The Mate 20 Pro has this AI for the camera in which it'll automatically detect the scene.

It worked really well in most cases. This was flower (which I suppose makes the colours pop). The food one above was super macro which was pretty.... Super macro I guess haha.

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Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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