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closing the gap

PSA! For lovers of Nasi Lemak (me) and the Macca's burger (also me).

I wonder how long it will last for. The article on CNA said the last time it came out in July 2017 for National day but I know for a fact I ate it with D during the period he was here. The exact date was 11 Sep 2017.

So going by that logic it should be here until end June? The article also said it's for Ramadan this time around, so perhaps it would stop a few weeks after Hari Raya Puasa which is on 5 June. My logic stands!

If that's the case too bad for D because he's only coming over (to hopefully find a job and stay here) in end July / early August.

He loves the burger. To be fair at that point in time when we tried it I had not yet brought him to any "famous" Nasi Lemak hawker stall. I also dunno which ones are good. Even until today I have not gone to any with him simply because I don't really know where the awesome ones are.

I think Punggol Nasi Lemak is alllllright.

But because I'm so basic I actually really like the Nasi Lemak from places like Toast Box and Yakun. I have a manager that likes having lunch at Toast Box whenever we are out for meetings. We'll just stop somewhere with a Toast Box and have lunch.

I always order a Nasi Lemak. It's pretty decent and the standard is consistent between different branches! What's there not to like?

I'm not too picky when it comes to my hawker food. I wouldn't travel to the other end of the island for a dish.

Can't believe I just went on so long about Nasi Lemak wtf

Anyway so D told his boss yesterday that he will leave his job in July. Shit just got real man, he's really coming over. I think we're both scared about this huge change.

But it's better to be scared together than be in the status quo apart from each other la. Wise words from none other than myself.

D works as a consultant. I know the word is very broad. I guess it would be best to describe him as a software consultant? His clients are European banks, and he works on their mainframe systems.

His title at work is "solutions analyst" which doesn't tell me anything. And apart from his workplace competency he's quite adept in languages like Python too. I'm aware a language is just a tool though. I'm sure he could learn any other language easily. What I cannot vouch for are the implicit analytical and programming skills.

When I describe what he does to my friends most of them are like "ah then he shouldn't have a problem finding a job". But then how will they know?!

Some of them are in finance sure. But none of them are in IT. I'm also not in such a field to properly get a sense of the market here.

But whatever happens I hope he can adapt and grow to be whatever the market in Singapore requires. I feel like we value adaptable people who are willing to upgrade and learn new skills rather than experts of deep technical competency that stay in one field all their lives.

Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?

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