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life in transit

Currently transiting in Houston. My route goes SIN-SFO-IAD-CLT, so I'm waiting for the final flight which was delayed due to thunderstorms in south east Texas last night. I took the direct Singapore - San Fran flight on United Airways and I must say it was far better than expected.

You hear many bad things about US airlines but I thought it was okay. Not fantastic but food was sufficient and edible. I wasn't parched from the lack of water and had the liberty to walk around and take some snacks.

I watched three movies on the first flight:

📍On the basis of sex (based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's first case of gender discrimination). Good, would recommend. A bit too choppy in the beginning and was Martin Ginsberg REALLY as hot as Armie Hammer?
📍Wolf of Wall Street which was a good movie in its own right. But it made me uncomfortable with all the excessive indulgent decadence displayed.
📍 The Green Book. FANTASTIC. Loved the Tony character. It would be so easy to make him dumb, but...

I thought it was a really good job depicting how beneath that uneducated Italian immigrant there was a guy who stood by his own principles and yet open minded enough to accept Doc for who he is.

Anyway I realized all of them are movies based on true stories lol.

The second flight (SFO-IAD) was on an old aircraft. So old that it had squarish windows. (windows on planes have evolved to be more roundish/ovalish in shape so as to avoid stress at the corners of the windows).


So yeah. Could tell the internal furnishings were old and gross. I just slept mostly, despite the in flight entertainment available. It was a red eye flight anyways.

I hope to just sleep through the flight later because I think I really need the rest to avoid sleeping until at least 10pm Charlotte time. Current time is 0915 in Charlotte which is 12 hours behind SGP. The worst time change ever sighs.

But if not I don't think there's any IFE available so back to my trusty Kindle it is!

Dinner! I have totally forgotten the huge portions they serve here. Still I'm not that comfortable sharing food with my colleague so doggy bag and not finishing is the way to go.

Gigantic avocado toast. Good though. I packed 2 slices back, not sure if they're safe to eat 12 hours later for breakfast.

No prizes for guessing where I had my dinner. Also I really wish there wasn't a tipping culture here. Makes me double think and question everything.

That's about it. Work starts tomorrow but I'm glad I managed a bit R&R today. Doubly happy I went out in the afternoon if not it'd be GG jetlag for me.

As it is, it's only 8pm but I think I'm gonna turn in soon. Travelling is exhausting.

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Monday, 8 Apr 2019

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