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I write for my husband to read

February 2019

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Vday she-non-igans

So yeah. It's 6 days after Valentine's day and I'm only blogging my thoughts about it now. Late much Q?Anyway I didn't wanna post on the day itself because it would just be my usual wall of text amidst the beautiful flowers and dinners.Obviously, me being a frugal, penny pinching, minimalist striving person I think it comes to no one's surprise that I don't celebrate Vday. At least not in the conventional sense of IG worthy flowers and romantic dinners.

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phone talk times 2

So... In the past two weeks, I made the decision to go back to being a contracted Singtel customer.I've been a Circles Life user since May 2017 (my return date from 🇪🇸), on one hand enjoying the 26GB (and then some because I'm always randomly given free data here and there), but on the other hand monitoring my minutes usage for work (only 100 mins in total free), and my SMS usage when I Grabhitch.All for $48 a month at first. After awhile I caved and added unlimited incoming calls for $2.

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Happy New Year / #dayrefinance Jan 2019

Happy Year of the Pig!I'm still up because it's 除夕 and I'm basically using it as an excuse not to sleep early, night owl that I am. So I'm just in bed, binging on YouTube videos.My extended family isn't close at all so visiting has become a chore. I do look forward to having gatherings with my friends though, it's always the best time I have. And of course if any gambling comes up in the next couple of days I'm more than game! Although 我数蛇 and we 冲太岁 this year apparently.

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