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December 2018

feliz 2019!

For 2019 I have one simple resolution which is to be at work by 9am everyday. Haha. Been pushing the time I go in a little by little and I don't really feel good with myself for doing that.Other than that I hope to continue updating my Dayre regularly especially on my financial expeditions!I'll keep this short so I hope you had a good countdown and are ready to head into the new year.For me, my holidays have not ended (6th Jan is when holidays end here in Spain).

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#dayrefinance 2018

As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to record down my 2018 expenses and after much twiddling around on my Google spreadsheet I came up with this Seedly inspired donut chart!For 2018, I spent approximately $32,650 (rounded to the nearest $10 as I always do)This leads to an average of $2,720 a month. Discounting the wedding expenditure, it leads to a more respectable but still reducible $2,300 a month.I think this is really useful in seeing how my expenses will be next year actually.

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randomities / #dayrefinance dec 2018

Wtf I realized that I had put up an image showing my name in its entirety. So much for anonymity. Anyway I have changed it already but I can't help but wonder who has seen it.Anyways I'm passing Spanish Xmas here with D and family and it's been really pleasant thus far! So nice to take a relaxing break from work. Like far away from work where I'm literally unable to bring my laptop to. It's also been really cold and foggy though I must say I've adjusted better than usual.

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bumped up

So I'm on my way to MAD for my annual Christmas vacation and Qatar very nicely upgraded me to J class, on a brand new aircraft that just happens to sport the brand new Qatar business class product - Q suites.And when I say brand new I mean brand new. Qatar Airways took delivery of the first A350-1000 in August this year, and if the flight attendant was correct, the bird I took was no more than a month off the delivery centre.

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7 more working days

Tis the season to be jolly? Well while everyone is on holidays I guess I'm basically trying my best to complete everything I can by 22nd December because there's a major... Thing (for lack of a better word) coming up in the immediate three weeks after I return from my Xmas holidays.So I'm pretty much just scrambling and trying to do everything before I leave. To be honest I am pretty annoyed at my colleagues EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT.

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#dayrefinance nov 2018

November's expenditures total at $4810. I already talked about the reason for the wedding expenditure in my previous few posts so I won't repeat it. Basically I thought I only would pay for some admin paperwork to register the marriage in 🇪🇸 but I ended up with a lot of earlier than expected honeymoon + flight expenses. And wedding shoes!The other categories are:(1) Fixed Expenses at $840. Includes parents' allowance, income tax, insurance premiums, charitable donations and phone bills.

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