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I write for my husband to read

July 2018

Wow all things considered I have not updated for quite awhile! 9 days to be exact. It's because I have found my new favourite Dayre and I was hooked!Unfortunately I am all caught up on said Dayrean's life and I'm back here updating on my own.

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Yayyyyyy!!! My colleagues and I knew that we were going to end outside of the office today at an external meeting, and so we decided to go grab some durian after work together.It came about because I was lamenting the fact that durians were so cheap now but I had no one to eat them with, since I only really go all out to find durian when D is here. And D usually comes in late Aug-Sept when it is not durian season, so when we buy durian it's really expensive...

One thing that WC 2018 has changed for me is that I now like watching soccer in Spanish hahaha. They bring so much excitement and life to the match.Even for the matches that are broadcast free on Okto, I've taken to streaming the Spanish channels via a VPN to watch. It's good for my aural skills too 😅.And I just realised it's a new day, with this latest update brought over to 16 Jul. Well then, it just gives me a reason to update more today, doesn't it?

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finals / weekend

Hahahaha I think this photo is hilarious. I treated one of my best friends + husband to drinks and some snacks and Smoke and Mirrors because of my promotion.I met them at the National Gallery (first time there BTW) since I had to collect NDP rehearsal tickets that my mum won. Then we stumbled upon this awesome rooftop bar with amazing views!

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friday the 13th

Woke up. Video called D. Showered. Changed. Took my 10 minute walk to the bus stop. Bus arrived just as I did. Took out my wallet.Realized in horror my EZLink card was not there.Walked back (10 mins). Grabbed my car key, went to the car. Drove nearer to the bus stop. Took my EZLink card out of the vehicle's IU unit. Walked to the bus stop.Got to the bus stop. Took the bus. Got off at the MRT. Tapped into the station.Got a shock at the long queue.Phone vibrated. Telegram notification.

world cup / rambles / finances

Well that was shit. 🇪🇸 does not deserve to go further. I hope they inject some new blood for Euros 2020 and eventually WC 2022. For now I'm hoping all past winners crash and burn, and for someone new to get the cup. Croatia or Belgium maybe?But I guess my enthusiasm for the world cup has waned with the *truly* embarrassing exit of 🇪🇸.I will now turn my focus back on other stuff such as...

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