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I write for my husband to read

May 2018

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random thoughts on a journey to the north

I feel like I've been spending more money than usual this month and I feel pretty sian about it? I know that all of the things I bought are necessities, or not really for myself so I'm trying to comfort myself it's okay.Amongst the things I bought:- Toy set for my goddaughter's 3rd birthday $50- keyboard cover for MacBook + 2x Argan Oil bottles for my hair $41- 11 sets of 24 COSRX pimple patches $29- 1 top from a blogshop $18- New sneakers $89


bridging the gap in an #ldr

Today's post which interrupts a loooonnngg dry spell of not updating is partially inspired by @/brenwho because she was talking about LDRs and I realized, 不知不觉 that one year has passed (as of 6th May) since I began my LDR with D.One year seems long when you are looking into the future but to be honest it's just a speck of dust in the larger scale of this thing called life. But nevertheless, I think it's still quite an achievement to do this, so I thought I'd talk about it today.

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