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December 2017

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Shake Shack at Dubai International Airport. This fast food meal cost upwards of SG$25. Was it worth it? I gotta say the burger meat was really soft and tender and there's just something about the sauce used inside the burger.The crinkle cut fries are good too! Crispy without being too oily and not over fried you can't taste anything inside.I think if I were to have it again I would just go for the burger (alone it's already about SG$12). I couldn't finish the fries, it was too big a serving.

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This morning I was having a cup of coffee with some coworkers when the conversation (naturally) turned to crypto currency. Not so much the economic bubble it seems to present but the technical part of it - how to mine it, where can you store it.Without going into the technicalities part of it the most interesting that happened was one of my colleagues saying, "yeah actually I have a few bitcoins."Not a few thousandths or hundreths but a FEW. We know what real world money that changes to.

November 2017

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Wow it's been threatening to rain since 2 hours ago. I wanted to go for a walk yet I didn't want to get caught in the rain so I thought it best to just wait it out. Now the sun's gonna set soon and I'm still here.Haha and I just realized the sticker actually shows bird poop raining down and not actual rain. Whatever, the expression is exactly how I feel.Since I'm stuck home until it rains then stops I thought I could while away my time on Dayre!

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escalating conundrum

You know how at crowded MRT stations when a train arrives and off loads a mass of people? These people then tend to bunch around the start of the escalator waiting to get on because the escalator can't accommodate so many people at once, obviously.This always happens at Harborfront when you get out of the CCL and transit towards NEL. If you are not that lazy, you can opt to climb up the right side of the escalator. Or even better, take the stairs.(I swear this post has a point).

11.11 is the new black (Friday)

A long time ago I used to go crazy over wide spread online shopping sales. Back then the most popular one was Black Friday but with the rise of e-commerce in China its now 11.11 or singles day aka today.This isn't gonna be me going on and on about how I wanna save money and am not gonna buy anything. This got me thinking about back when I used to shop regularly online... And then ended up throwing a lot of the stuff out because I didn't use them much anyway.

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I literally spent my weekend sleeping. I know it's unhealthy but I couldn't help it wtf. It doesn't happen usually ever since I moved back to Singapore but I slept until noon on both days, AND I still found it in me to have a nap each afternoon. Not a short negligible one either; probably upwards of 3 hours each day.And amazingly, I could still fall asleep at a decent hour on both days - I was knocked out by 1AM both Saturday and Sunday.

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