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I write for my husband to read

August 2019

Lol FML D's train to Madrid got delayed by 45 minutes. Thankfully it started moving and he should be making it to the airport in time."Lousy till the end" - words of my husband on the day he left his country.

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#dayrefinance jul 2019

In July 2019, I budgeted a spend of $1720 ($4220 if I end up buying air tickets). Details of my budget breakdown can be seen in @amazingq:060719.I ended up buying air tickets spending $4010 in total.Jul 2019 is pretty significant as it will be the last time I clock expenditures as a single person (referring to being single financially). For that reason, while I will continue tracking expenditures I will stop forecasting my expenditure for the next month.

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clean up / woman cost

Spent the day cleaning my room and arranging D's clothes (that I have here) into my spare wardrobe space. The dust that accumulates is not a trivial issue man. Living on my own in Spain and having to clean up after myself really makes me realize what I want (function over style) and not want (open shelves) in my future house next time.Anyway it was a day well spent with a lot of dust bunnies now down the drain. I'm sure they will accumulate all over again in no time at all. Sighs.

closing the gap

I cannot believe it's August. D is flying in, PERMANENTLY, on the 8th of August. I'm actually more nervous about this that I was about the wedding, or the ROM. Good mix of nervous and excited hehe.It's definitely not the pressure of living together because we did that for close to a year in Spain. And I'm of course ecstatic that we are finally closing the gap after more than 2 years! That's more than half the length of our relationship thus far.

July 2019

the best time of our lives

We are on the cusp of the best decade in our lives.A good friend of mine turned 30 yesterday. Rather than just give a cursory "Happy Birthday!" in a group chat, I wanted to really pen down my thoughts and well wishes to her for the decade to come.So I thought about our journey and growth the last 10 years, and compared it to where I thought the next ten years would bring us. And you know what? I am excited for what is to come because I honestly think the best is yet to be.

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