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I write for my husband to read

April 2019

house life

Sometimes I think I look super deceiving for my age. Basically my work place allows smart casual all day err day. So I mostly dress in sneakers, more casual dresses or pants + tops usually. Plus I don't wear makeup. And I carry a backpack. A few times I have been stopped by insurance surveyors wanting to ask me more questions.Now I actually enjoy talking to such people as long as they don't hardsell me and make me feel too uncomfortable. I enjoy seeing the surprised look on their faces.

the dog days are not over

A fucking scary thing happened to me today. I got chased by an angry, barking stray dog.Now there's been a stray dog issue around my neighborhood. I see some around the playground park when I walk home. They come close and stare at me at times.Some nights when I'm out for a post dinner walk I've seen up to 20 chilling at a dead end of a road which opens up to a field (ok I dunno if my overactive imagination is working up here), howling and barking. It was chilling to say the least.

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life in transit

Currently transiting in Houston. My route goes SIN-SFO-IAD-CLT, so I'm waiting for the final flight which was delayed due to thunderstorms in south east Texas last night. I took the direct Singapore - San Fran flight on United Airways and I must say it was far better than expected.You hear many bad things about US airlines but I thought it was okay. Not fantastic but food was sufficient and edible. I wasn't parched from the lack of water and had the liberty to walk around and take some snacks.

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life updates / #dayrefinance mar 2019

I'm so happy it's April! I'm a bit nervous and scared that the wedding is so near and yet also so happy that this longest leg of LDR is coming to an end.I've also been kinda feeling disengaged at work. It usually comes and goes but this past month was especially bad because it was also the performance review season.I did well... I guess? It remains to be seen. But I also did well doing things I'd rather NOT do.

March 2019

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polyclinic visit experience

I finally tried this while waiting for some xray results at a polyclinic (I've been coughing and having a flu for such a prolonged period of time that my chest hurts).Verdict? It's not bad, I see why people like it - the mixture of the sweet maple syrup in the muffin with the usual sausage and eggs. I'm a savory person so the added sweetness doesn't entice me. It's still nice, just that I'd rather pay half price ($3) for my grab-n-go consisting of the coffee and a sausage Mcmuffin without egg.

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photo / hair talk

I bought a new phone the past weekend (Huawei Mate 20 Pro, $918 from one of those FEP shops with a Shopee shop without plan).I was at the floating platform area for an event and took the opportunity to put the camera to test.This is at CHIJMES where my friends and I had a coffee. One of these happening areas that I don't frequent normally hahaha.

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