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December 2017

Fri - woke 9am Happy by herself so i close eye for another 1/2hYuan lai pangsai on my bedCleaned her then pangpui with folo thru on matPut her on tampui, pangsai againSo much sai today coz yday din pangBank, bridge, plaza merdekaNaps 40m/1h/25mHome/home/plaza merdekaTried to put her down drowsy but awake in cot for nap 1 but short cry then eye open look ard. Rock cot but eye stil open.Pick up n sway til eye close again. Waited longer then put her tummy down on bed n pat.Woke up 40m

Wed - woke 9am1230-6am slp, 7-9 slp (awake 6-7am)Kopitiam, boulevard, hubs grandma hz, wht hz, 3rd mile dinnerNaps 30m/30m/2.5hCar/boulevard/homeBedtime 9pm, slept 920pmSlept well! 30m wake/3h/4h/1h/2h

Tues - woke up at 10am! Went to slp last night at 830pm.That makes 13.5h!BIGGGGGG MISTAKE.Should hv woken her up at usual 9am.I tot she might need to catch up on slp.1st awake time short. 1h45m. Nap 1 at kopitiam n car. 1h.Whn woke played w mil. Didnt wana b put down. Cried a few times. Isit coz not familiar w mil? Or jz grumpy? Awake 2h. Pooped before nap 2.2nd nap hard to go down. Napped 1h. Very grumpy whn woke up. Couldn't put down to change nappy. Got scared by alarm.

Saturday night was gooood!Slept 1015pm-1045amInitially woke up after 1h but after that was longer.Isit really coz we brought her shopping? Naps were short.At home, kopitiam, at spring, at home.30m/30m/25m/1h.Extra nap to get thru to bedtime since short naps.Went to wht hz for dinner too but she was cranky towards end of day coz din nap long at all.

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Kellie Way Day 2/3

Thurs - awake period 11pm-2am (3h)Was gona folo wat the nurse said for 3 days n see if it works. Basically extending her naps n waking her up early n exposing to lotsa sunlight. Impossible not to pick her up overnight tho, n had to resort to try boob to sleep whn desperate. Also kinda impossible to make her slp at 1.5h mark.One day down. Hope i can tahan another 2 days. More importantly, hope it works by the end of it to hv no awake periods overnight. Kinda doubt it tho.

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21 wks - Kellie Way Day 1/3

I lazy to record todays. Bo mood.Probs - causes:Crazy awake times - day/night confusionSleeping on me - cant self settle to slpShort naps - cant self settle btwn cyclesFrequently waking during the night - cant self settle btwn cyclesSo main prob is stil cant self settle la! Why didnt i see it this way?Oh. Probs coz the crazy awake times were more distressing. Ok. Plan: as per Kellie n NgalaWake up 9am everyday. Expose to sunlight as much as possible. Sleep at 1.5h mark and max 1.5h.

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