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Documenting for my own purposes 😁

February 2018

Slept 730pmAwake 10pm-230am5-7am on off slpAwake 7am

January 2018

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Mon 22 jan23.8-24.40.2 tog slping bag1 sheet folded in 2Extra sheetBlanketAll kicked off?Btwn mn n ltn went to little skill for brunch Btwn ltn n an went to mothercare Naps crap, all need help n carry

1.18am mild protest cry1.27am went to check. Stuck across cot?? Out of sheets. Tears. Pick up n walk around.1.47am Fed up coz so awake. Put down. Mild protest. Few mins later - check. Horizontal across cot n out of sheets again. Tears. Pick up n walk around.2.18am Fed up again. Put down. Mild protest. Can i leave her to protest to sleep?

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LtnRoom temp 24.7Short sleeve bodysuitLong pants0.2 tog sleeping bag3 sheet layers cocoonedSweatingSlept 45mTrying 2 sheet layers uncocooned

Im tired n emotional. When will i ever enjoy motherhood?

I feel tired. Tired fr stressing abt her slp. Even tho she can self settle to slp for naps now but i still cant get the combo right so shes not overtired at bedtime. If overtired means she protest cry more. Even tho i know shes not in distress, my heart cannot. She also cannot self settle between cycles still. Sometimes can, most times cannot. Its ok. Its only day 9?? One day i will b able to do other things apart from put baby to slp. Im standing watch atm to help if she cant resettle

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