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Git in mah belleh 🍕🌮🍣🍱

December 2017

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This is so accurate.

November 2017

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Tokyo Day 2

Started the day quite late because we just wanted to take it easy.We basically didn’t leave Asakusa for the most part so today’s entry is just a guide to Asakusa food hahaFirst stop was this onigiri place that opens at 11am and closes at 2am!! This is significant because a lot of shops, including eateries, close early in Japan, much to my chagrin.Ikura + umeboshi onigiri and we’re in and out in 20 minutes.This place has been around since 1954!

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Last Tokyo Jaunt Of The Year - Day 1

5pm in Tokyo and it’s pitch black out 😭But! I’m very, very pleased with my choice of hotel this trip, been hankering to try this place since it opened in April and was so happy to get a room despite booking it just last week! Here’s what we saw when we first entered Wired Hotel.

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Meet Miss Mimi

October had been really, REALLY bad and challenging and tumultuous and many other negative adjectives. But we only have one life so... one can only move on. One nice thing about October was being taken out by friends almost everyday for a good meal for my birthday and for that, I am so grateful ❤️

Sponsored Innocence

There seems to be a crop of influencers who are either expecting or have recently given birth and I’ve been observing their posts with greater interest than usual. They are one generation of influencers after XX, where there was a rash of them bursting into the scene as beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers and many of them have held their own, just as many of us have followed them on one platform or other.

October 2017


Idly scrolling through my FB feed, my thumb stopped when I saw a reposted link about how a model @cameronrussell has been posting anonymous accounts of harassment and abuse in the modeling industry. The link caught my attention but what held it was the person who reposted it. I found it appalling that this man had the gall to repost something like that. I first met him, a photographer, at a job I held at the grand old age of 21.

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