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Git in mah belleh 🍕🌮🍣🍱

August 2017

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Nothing much to say today except to share this account/initiative. What a lovely and clever idea!Please share this, I think more people need to know about this ❤️

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A Birthday At Spago

Celebrated my aunt's dinner at Spago earlier in the month so here's a very quick review.We arrived 45 mins ahead of our 8pm reservation but it was a Monday so we took a chance and went up anyway. Before entering the restaurant, the hostess at the stand near the lift asked if we would like to have a drink at the bar first since we were early, which is completely normal. But she made a face when I said "no thanks, can we have our table if it's available?"

July 2017

Today I met my ex's bff's girlfriend. They aren't based in SG and are in town for aforementioned ex's wedding.I haven't seen this girl since that dude and I broke up years ago but I was always fond of her so I'm really happy she asked to grab coffee.The point of this entry is - whenever the ex in question was brought up, I felt extremely grateful for my current bf. I thank all the deities and the cosmos for allowing us to meet.

June 2017

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Tokyo Days 2 and 3

Big backlog of not one but two Japan trips to share and I'm waiting for an IKEA delivery so I thought I'd start posting!

May 2017

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Tokyo Day 1

First order of business in Narita

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Tokyo is a very special city to me. I have strode her orderly streets many times. With different people who meant different things at different times. Quite apt for a city that's always changing.

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