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Many roles; none the wiser

August 2019

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So coincident!

Sometime of the greatest “surprise” happened to me yesterday. As i was preparing to move, i needed to get quotation from movers and i found one that had great reviews and free on site survey and i made the necessary arrangement. The appointment was 6.30 but i only got a call at 6.45 and was told he is stuck in a jam and to give him 20-30 mins lead time. The thing was when he called, his name actually popped up on my screen.

July 2019

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Half an hour more to a new day, a day where i’m finally getting them keys to a new place i’m gonna call home. I’m excited.I’m nervous.Full of hope.Full of excitement. The mood have been mainly awesome for the past days. Even the right eye lid is twitching, apparently it’s a good sign. Hahah Just ended dinner with some gfs and chatting about adulting, with them, i have so much to talk about. Always listening, never judging. About home and generally about adulting.

June 2019

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Yesterday while having the usual dinner conversation with my mum. I found out something that made my heart swell with so much gratitude and love. Yesterday was my Uncle’s birthday and so my mum asked my Helper to go down and shunbian give my uncle a bday ang pow. My uncle is a 80+ year old man, widowed for awhile now and just stays at home with his helper. So one thing was knowing it’s his bday, my helper also gave him a angpow of $20.

i miss the old us, reading through the old convo. I wonder is it me? is it situation? or something more?

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Goodbye, old friend

Yesterday i lost a friend, a long time friend. Perhaps it was a long time coming, but it hit me really hard. She has said a lot about A and how she already tahan him for very long etc And that he has said things that no one can condone. Also, that how I am the one giving in a lot to A. And that A is making a lot of terrible decisions that will affect us for the long term. I had tried to assure her and understand her POV. Provided facts to help her further understand the situation.

April 2019

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Yesterday A went to settle some furniture matters at gain city before heading over to my place and i offered to call a go-jek for him. Then he was sharing with me the convo he had with the driver. Driver picks him up and asked if he was my name.👱🏻‍♂️: Yes, that’s my wife Then the driver proceeds to say him...

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