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Many roles; none the wiser

March 2019

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did anyone know that sbs buses has free wifi? i only just found out today! Updating this in da bus hurhur

February 2019

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Wah the weeks are flying by so quickly! I can’t even exactly remember how Jan and Feb has been. It felt as though my Thailand trip was so long ago even though it’s only last month?

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Was feeling unwell over the whole cny period and then vertigo hit me on Sat morning. Woke up to the room spinning, feeling nauseous, breaking out in cold sweat and a bit of diarrhea feelings. My first thought was, is it food poisoning? since i had steak the night before and also just recently caught a documentary about parasite in food. Overactive mind: 1, Me: 0After couple of hours trying to stay alert, i finally felt well enough to drag myself to the doc.

i wished i can do more, i really do.

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Previously in my post, i mentioned that we were going to start a project that conducts workshops combining art and self-care. Amongst the 3 of us, i’m the one without any flair for art (sorry mum for wasting your money on art classes). I’m the backend person for this project. But it was important for me to understand as a layman how this session can really benefit individuals. As influencers always like to say:

January 2019

If we change our thoughts just a little bit, things can change

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