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April 2019

爱情原来 是放心的依赖

Why won’t you talk to me.

I tried to lay some time for myself and pushed going over to yifa’s till sat afternoon To make sure that I do it i even prepped breakfast for saturdayBut the truth is now i’m lying in bed at home alone on friday night but i’m jittery and anxious and wishing i was with him ☹️ why am i like this

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Can i just... be done for todayAm in so much pain i rly cantHeadache Shoulder achePeriod crampsBack achesCant focus but i have articles to write, bags to research on and reports to churn

March 2019

Today i realised I have about 22 friends as of now whom I wish to keep for the forseeable future and I think i’m q happy with this number 🤓 friends i appreciate yall very much o dont forget 🥰

Been missing my workouts because work and school is piling up and argh i blame myself for not being able to wake up in the morning And it really shows in my slp quality when im stressed + not enough exercise like i keep getting nightmares and waking up in the middle of the night :(

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