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Frivolous musings of 58767

October 2018

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Onto Rich People Problems

What I’m busy with these days, on top of preparing for daughter’s bday.It’s an entertaining trilogy! Can’t put it down once started, so u can imagine what it’s doing to my sleep debt. 🐼

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I THINK I am finally done with preparing for baby’s 1st bday.✅ cake✅ buffet✅ outfit 🤣✅ bouncy castle to entertain the bigger children✅ some crafts and party items to entertain the bigger children✅ decorations Decorations wise, last min got from a brick and mortar shop, and qoo10 (and I self collect) cos my first ezbuy purchase from 2 weeks back is still “ready for shipment”. 😓🤦🏻‍♀️😅

It is sometimes not easy to be a Full-Time-Working-Mum (FTWM).You have to send your child to your parent/ in-law/ babysitter or infantcare/ childcare due to work. You ask your mother-in-law not to let your baby watch TV when he is so young, but she said, "I last time also let my son watch TV, see how well he turns out now". This is just one example of the many "last-time-I-also-do-this-way" parenting style that you need to adapt when you entrust your child under their care.

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🕝 2.35pm and I’m still waiting for my hair to dry.Watch out for a zombie tomorrow.How will I survive till Sunday? 🤷🏻‍♀️🐼Since I am waiting, why not some frivolous musings? 😂

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