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June 2018

I’m at this stage where people interactions at work really drain me. It comes and goes. All part and parcel of being an introvert I guess. These are the things that really irk me:- Having to clean up someone else’s mess and dealing with shit from the client who is pissed.- Having to deal with employees who keep making stupid careless mistakes. I call it a matching problem. Cannot even match A to A and B to B.

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A different sort of life

I love taking picture of benches, especially when they’re overlooking a beautiful view. I think it’s because they remind me of a slower pace of life, one that you can sit and enjoy a meaningful conversation without constantly checking your phone. There’ll be pauses, but none of them awkward. Perhaps a snack or two, like grapes or cheese and crackers.Watching the world go by.

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When searching for Airbnb houses, I always go for the ones with a view, and this Edinburgh apartment didn’t disappoint.J is an early riser, while I prefer to laze in bed for a while. But when traveling, I’d wake up in anticipation to see what is he up to, just like a kid who’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas.I’d find him seated here in the mornings, with his cup of coffee and laptop open. Sometimes, he’ll be having crackers and cheese, and I’ll tell him to leave some for me.

May 2018

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Favourite eats in Netherlands

Breaking up the nature spam with food hehe. J and I enjoyed the Dutch cuisine the most during our trip. We got so bored with the Scottish fare like potatoes, fish & chips etc that cooking at the Airbnb was so much better 😂#dayretravel

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🌎 To the ends of the world; part I

Earlier this month I returned from a 2.5 weeks Europe trip. Countries we visited include Netherlands, Scotland, and Denmark. The place that stood out most to me, and will remain etched in my memory, is Skye. We went on a total of 6 walks in Skye, each a different terrain and landscape, but breathtaking all the same. From vertically inclined grassy slopes to boggy paths, across seascapes and mountains, it truly felt that we had reached the ends of the world.#dayretravel

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