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I also cannot resist those cheeks!!!!

Somebaby is 9 months young today!
(With a little scar on his face from his own wolverine episode)

So cutie!!!
(Look at his eczema before we visited Naaman Skin and Laser Centre @ Novena Medical Centre!!! It was so horrible he couldn’t sleep well at all!)

This is 1am in the middle of one of those nights.... 😪

Oh wait! Watch this!!!

Joash VS Jeffrey!
Who does it better?

And this! (On sound!!!)

And this! Joash knows how to throw tantrums now!!! Argh!

Joash’s signature look on his face.

Then on Valentine’s Day, we also went for venue viewing for his 1st Birthday!

Popped by Awfully Chocolate along the way and ended up picking a slice of cake for me!


You look like a big boy here already! 😭😭😭

Happy 9 months Joash! You know how much I wish time would stop right now because you made me so happy everyday now!

You’ll always wake up and go ‘mama mama mama’ while you move towards me grabbing my arm, you will start to whine and cry when I walk away from you, you will come to me and stretch out your hands when you want me to carry; you make me feel wanted every single day and I really enjoy this so far.

Even though you are soooo picky when it comes to food I’m bursting my brain on what to cook for you daily to know it ends up in the bin, I hope you’ll learn to eat soon even though you secretly had your first sip of Milo because you know how to suck from a straw!

Take your own sweet time to grow my baby, mama still want to carry you, hug you and kiss you for as long as I can.

#JoashMilestone @ 9 months

• Upper Central Incisors showing already (4 teeth in total)
• Wave bye bye when you say bye bye to him
• Calls me mama
• Use his thumb and index finger to take his puffs and place them in his mouth
• Likes to eat bread
• 8.3kg

Day 48

Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

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