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Breastfeeding - The last try 🀱

Oh wait, I’ve been missing for a month? Hehe time really flies so fast! It’s the 17th again! It’s been a slightly busier month for us cause we have more play dates now and also planning for his 1st birthday! Omg so exciting we have all the big ticket items checked off the list! Can’t believe Joash is turning 1 in just 2 months’ time. 😭

Anyway, just a few updates of our lives in this 1 month~

The last try 🀱

I think it was because I kept dragging my pump sessions cause I was really busy & tired (like having to go to the stall to help out) + my period was slightly later than usual + stressing over my dip in supply, my supply had a drastic dip in the last 2-3 weeks and it was quite emotional for me. I decided to give it a last try to bring up the supply to sustain my breastfeeding journey till Joash is 1 year old and if all else fails then I’ll resign to fate and hang my flanges.

I’m down to 3 PPD now, every 8 hourly and I really love the timing 12am, 8am & 4pm! Sometimes I wake up slightly later and the timings change but I’ll try to drag abit to get back to this sequence! Haha

Anyway, the lowest I yield was 80ml in 8 hours which got me desperate and I was really demoralised la actually. So that’s when I decided to order lactation stuffs again for the last try in hopes to boost up my supply for the last 2 months.


Their Raspberry tea bags works a lot for me cause I’ve already consumed 2 boxes (20 tea bags) from them before this purchase! I’ve also brought this with me during CNY visiting the other time too! Then they recently also had an improved recipe for their Milo Choco Smoothie and omg it was so yummy!!! I finished it in 30 mins la. Hahaha

So this time round, I also had their bottled Red Raspberry Tea and their newly launched Red Dates Tea! Drinking the Red Dates tea reminds me of confinement!!!

Don’t know who’s the excited one! I was really happy the delivery came in time cause I really ran out of these lactation products 😭 That’s me la. I’m always last min cause I forgot need time to arrange for delivery ma. Anyway I finished this bottle of Milo Choco Smoothie after this photo was taken.

My ultimate favourite from them is in Joash’s hands! Red Raspberry tea bags!!! I always refill my bottle at least 4 times each bag! Hahaha

And of course, some baby approves cause more mama’s milk to drink! Sometimes he makes me so happy cause he prefers breast milk over FM but I’m just suay cause that period of time when my supply is damn low, Joash fell sick and had fever. Sighhhh and all he wants was breast milk cause he kept throwing away the bottle whenever we give him FM :(

Then! I also ordered from The Fussy Pâtissières! I was gifted a pack by @untraceme during Christmas last year and it was so good!!! Easily the best!


My very first try on Lactation Brownies!!! It was my supper!


The highly raved Earl Grey flavour! Very very flavourful and very generous in the chocolate chip pieces in EVERY piece it’s so good I’m finishing close to 1 sample pack (100g) per day!!! Even Jeff can’t resist these cookies and he said this flavour is so special!

And I realised... the lactation cookies are a perfect match with my tea!!! So I’m like munching on my cookies and drinking the tea together most of the time!

Really never lie about bringing my Raspberry Tea everywhere I go. Here’s a photo of my bottle at the indoor playground that day!

The results;

I’m yielding at least 120ml every pump session now and sometimes even 140ml-160ml! Usually 160ml happens at the last pump of the day before I sleep. It may be significantly lesser than what I use to produce but it makes me contented enough to know each pump session is enough for a feed. I’m hoping to continue this yield this way for the last 2 months before I retire for good.

I’m actually really loving this 3 PPD schedule very much because I’m no longer stressing over having to care for Joash + pumping at the same time and I bring him out more often these days and I do not have to bring my pump out anymore! I use to pump every 4 hourly then to every 5 hourly and it was crazy how I managed to care for him when I have to pump. No wonder I was so stressed up back then :(

Hope I’ll enjoy the last 2 months of this! It’s really a bittersweet feeling.. #dayremummies

In other Joash’s news; πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Some baby finally decided to take abit of porridge and we’re still trying everyday! This was on 20 Feb that he finally took more than just tipful!

I’ve also cooked baby thin noodles with pumpkin purée to act as pasta sauce for him and he also took it! Yay! Can’t wait to cook more food for him!

Happy after attending teacher Melvin’s class for the first time! Teacher Melvin is also teaching Arielle, ZoeRaymond’s Daughter!


The week after he recovered!

Everytime before class he gives this face I’m so scared :/ but don’t be deceived by this face cause at this particular class, HE WAS THE HAPPIEST FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!

Hello @dreamalittle !!! Thanks for calling out to me! Hehe that’s you in the background 🀭🀭🀭

Of playdates with friends

So blessed to have them. ❀️



Down here chilling. 😬

Yums yums!

First play date with @tinkerjans and @joysxm with a photo of the babies comparing their Richell Sippy Cups! 🀣

Kids. Nobody bothers about the toy lying there but when it ends up in someone’s hands... all will go for the same toy. Why?

Joash is not bothered. Anyway, this was a candid shot you know why? Cause the toy fell on his lip and he cried really badly after Hahahaha

(He got a small bruise the next day then I realised it hit him hahah)

I loveeee all these outings with you even though you’re quite heavy for me to babywear you now :’)

See see look look. πŸ‘€

Your eyes so biggggg! 😍

Photo dump!

Clearly not happy one of the afternoons. Sigh

Hmmm... how do I open this?
(P.s: see where’s the leg)

Damn it. Not cute when he wakes up at bloody 2am to read his Elmo book πŸ˜’


Come support my daddy stall? It’s yummy!!! πŸ˜‹


Default face.
I call this ι’εŒ…θ„Έ!

I can reach!


The turtle’s head!!!

Why the cheeks like that!!!

Whinny Joash

Part 1

Part 2

All I did was went to the kitchen to make milk I think. And see! Came out twice of his play area to look for me while whining!!!

Part 3

Part 4

Aiyooo sometimes Joash is clingy I don’t know what to do?!!! Always crying for me when I leave his sight even for a second like pop into the kitchen to cook something?!

But he can also be quite funny sometimes la! We sometimes laugh so hard together in the afternoon!

Like this!!!

I replayed this many many many times!!!

Or this! Hahahaha πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


Playing pee-ka-boo!

At the shaking head phase now! Hahaha

Even though it’s damn tiring, I still look forward to every new day with Joash creating all these memories with him.

The other day Jeff has half a day off day and we went to MBS to shop!

Happy baby after a nap!

Fighting sleep... just yesterday x.x

Damn tired but refuse to sleep. REFUSE.

Happy 10 months, baby!

Aiyo so cute la!

Also! I finally received this from @/jangandfox!!! It’s so so so pretty!!!! 🀩😍🀩😍

I really love this! Wanted to use this as my key ring but it’s too pretty for it! Any suggestion for it’s usage that I can bring about daily and still keep it really precious to me? πŸ˜…

Anyway! It’s March Hols now and I’m hoping to bring Aesh out this week as much as possible! Can’t really post her photos now so yupps 😊😊

Ending the post with these 2 photos of us! Celebrating our 3rd ROM-niversary on 28 Feb since there’s no 29th this year!

Love you @jeffreyalicia 😘

Day 76

Sunday, 17 Mar 2019

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faerietale (avatar)

faerietale It is... Funny but I miss watching Ollie drink my bm. Hahahahaha πŸ˜‚

3 months ago

Hislittleones (avatar)

Hislittleones jiayou!! :)

3 months ago

untraceme (avatar)

untraceme So tempted to try the raspberry leaf tea now!

3 months ago

elephantsarecute (avatar)

elephantsarecute where’s your husband’s stall at? (:

3 months ago

pamelaee (avatar)

pamelaee joash’s chubby cheeks omg

2 months ago

dreamalittle (avatar)

dreamalittle haha that photo, cute joash and me at the back rushing to clear baby's shit πŸ˜… I was surprised to see joash at the same class with E. Thanks for being so friendly! 😁

2 months ago

limjiamin (avatar)

limjiamin Hi! Can I know how old was Joash when he first attend swim class?

2 months ago

alicialyzsia (avatar)

alicialyzsia @faerietale Yah!! Omg but you’re gonna go through it over again! I think it’s worst when you know you’ll retire for good. Like there’s no more next kid? So much emotions going on in here πŸ™

2 months ago

alicialyzsia (avatar)

alicialyzsia @Hislittleones Thank you!! ❀️

2 months ago

alicialyzsia (avatar)

alicialyzsia @untraceme You should!!! Very nice! Hehe if you like drinking tea, might as well drink something that helps boost the supply 😜

2 months ago

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