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Today’s crazy decision, is to...

April 2019

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I’m starting to realise that I actually really really love Joash in this stage when he’s so interactive. Or maybe I love him at every different stages of his life and it is indeed my greatest blessings to be able to be a SAHM to him, to witness all his milestones and of course to spend every moment together. I can’t deny that it can get really frustrating on bad days I just want to drop him off with someone and hide under my blanket but really, just 99.9% of the time, I thank God for him.

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Is it that I’m only here to write on every 17th? Hahahaha omg!!!

Sometimes I wonder what I have done wrong in my previous life or what I have done wrong that Joash suffers so much. Sick again and we’re at the paeds, they just did suction of mucus for him and poor baby was screaming and crying like crazy while my mum accompanied him into the room while I cowardly stay outside and cry.

Feeling damn annoyed because how can someone just simply decide to write a negative ‘review’ of an establishment but didn’t write down the whole damn story for everyone to judge and just mislead the others that it’s a bad place to be at? Argh!!! Feeling so angry!!! Don’t take others’ kindness for granted la! The world doesn’t only revolve around you what! Damn!

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